Bepanah Pyaar 24th June 2019 Full Episode Written Updates: Truth of Bani’s death reveals!

In Bepanah Pyaar 24th June 2019 episode, the truth of Bani's death reveals! Yes, the latest episode of the show comes up with a new twist.

Bepanah Pyaar Latest Episode Written Updates 22nd July 2019: Pragati and Sukanya join hands to solve Bani's death mystery
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In the previous episode of Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar, we have seen Raghbir asked Pragati why is she wearing a red sari that reminds him of his past love. The two got into the car to return home. Raghbir asked Pragati, “Who were those guys?” Pragati thought in her head that she could not tell Raghbir about them as it will raise more questions. He asked, “Why were you here so late at night?” Pragati said to him that he brought her here to show a house. He said he was so drunk that he did not know what he did. The two came back home, where Raghbir told Pragati not to wear that red sari again.

When family members asked them where were they. Raghbir said that they went on a long drive. Raghbir’s sister came into Pragati’s room and asked if she made any progress. Pragati told her that Raghbir does not want her wearing that red sari. She said she doesn’t know what she will do next, but she will keep helping him. Raghbir asked his family to invite Akshay to their home along with his parents. He told Riya that they should talk to Akshay and his family. Pragati and the rest of the family got impressed with Raghbir’s changing behaviour. He efficiently took up the responsibility of his sister’s engagement. He even managed to say no to his alcohol addiction for the special day despite a fierce mental battle.

In Bepanah Pyaar 24th June 2019 episode, the truth of Bani’s death reveals! Yes, the latest episode of the show comes up with a new twist. There is so happening in the Colors TV show, which you just cannot miss if you are a true fan of the show. Pragati confronts Bani in the latest episode of the show. Destiny brings Pragati and Bani face to face at Akshay and Riya’s Roka ceremony. Pragati gets shocked to see dead Bani in front of her. She then goes into a basement, where she sees a lady in a red sari. The lady starts singing an old Bollywood song, “Kya Hua Tera Wada.” Worried and scared Pragati comes to Raghbir, the two go to the same basement again. Raghbir gets shocked to see something in the basement. Who is singing that song? How come dead Bani return in the show? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite TV show Bepanah Pyaar and written episodes.


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