In the previous episode of the Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar, we have seen Mishti doubted that someone is following her and keeping an eye on her. The Malhotra family hides Bani’s suitcase in the locked room. They wondered how did the suitcase come out from the locked room. Raghbir’s mother said that she has changed so many locks but the door to that room opens up. Priya called Akshaya and told him that her family is getting her married to some other guy and that she doesn’t want to marry someone else. Pragati overhears Priya’s conversation. Pragati learned that Priya is in love with someone else and her family is fixing her marriage with the other guy.

Pragati told Raghbir that Priya isn’t happy with the match and that she likes someone else. Raghbir came downstairs where everyone was congratulating each other for the match. His mother told him that Priya’s marriage has been fixed. He asked Priya if she is happy with the marriage. He asked her if she is accepting this marriage proposal under any pressure. Raghbir said in front of everyone that Pragati has told him that Priya isn’t happy with this marriage. Priya vehemently denied that she likes someone else, she said that she is happy with the new alliance. Later, Pragati found Bani’s suitcase in her room.

In Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar 1st July 2019 episode, Malhotra family try to hide a dark secret from Raghbir and the world. Bani didn’t die in a car accident, in fact, the Malhotra family killed her while Raghbir has become Devdas in Bani’s love. Since the day Pragati tied the knot with Raghbir, she’s trying to solve the mystery of Bani’s death. She has now confronted Bani’s spirit and it seems like Bani’s spirit wants to tell her something. There is someone, who is following Pragati. Pragati needs Raghbir’s support to solve the mystery of Bani’s death. Raghbir is going to give a surprise to Pragati. It would be interesting to see what surprise will Raghbir give to Pragati. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar and written episode.


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