Raghbir’s family setups a date for him and Raghbir for the sake of his Baddi Maa Kunti’s happiness. They keep a check on the two whether their date is going smooth or not. Raghbir says to Pragati that he knows it’s a bit awkward, but whatever they are doing it is for Kunti. Pragati says that she knows it is difficult, but they should try. Pragati tries to have a conversation with Raghbir, but he says that they don’t need to do all this and it will be fine even if they sit quietly. Pragati suggests that they should talk, but Raghbir refuses to talk.

Raghbir pretends to be nice with Pragati in front of Kunti, who keeps checking on both of them during their date. Raghbir says to Pragati that he will set her free as soon as he feels that Kunti is better. He says that there will be no binding or restriction on her. Pragati thinks in her mind what if she does not want to be set free. Raghbir gets lost in Pragati’s innocence and recollects the moments which he had with her in which she supported him and showed her care for him.

The latest episode of Bepanah Pyaar is a perfect treat for all Raghbir and Pragati’s fans out there. Pragati asks Raghbir if they can talk about the matter that she has been trying to tell him since long. Suddenly, it starts raining. The two leave from there and goes in the house, where Raghbir asks Pragati to change her wet clothes. She says that she will go to her room and change. But Raghbir says that she might tumble if she goes alone in the dark. He says that there is no need for drama as there is no one to watch their drama. She asks him if there is no one to watch their drama, then why he is worried about her?

Raghbir says in response that he is not worried about her and that Kunti will be upset with him and she falls sick. Later, Pragati comes across the pair of black gloves that her assailant was wearing during each attack. She gets to know that gloves belong to Raghbir. This appalling information makes her worry and leaves her in shock. Pragati thinks in her head if Raghbir was behind Bani’s murder, or was she mistaken. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Colors TV show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka and written episode.


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