This world is so busy in working and making more and more of money. We do not have time even to satisfy our hunger, which is the basic need why we are earning.

Benefits of organic food, health tips,

Now-a-days people are in so hurry that they always prefer to have preservative juice over real juice which is not healthy at all. All things are ready made and does not helps in keeping us a healthy being. Study tells that the vegetables and fruits which used to grow years ago was really nutritive than the fruits and vegetables we consume today. What is the basic reason behind this. Obviously time and care. The farmers are also behind making money want their crops to grow fast and easily.

All this is because the fertilizers industry has evolved rapidly. The plants are now more rich in toxics rather than nutrients all because of the use of pesticides, weedicides and insecticides. These kill the insects but then the toxic substances also effects the crop and effect its quality. This also broke the food chain of organisms as reported in 2003.

The solution is switching to the ORGANIC FOOD.

Why Organic Food ??? Organic food is grown with less or no usage of pesticides or chemicals. It enhances the nutritive value of the food and keeps us healthy in our daily life which is not possible with the consumption of the normal grown food. Body needs the quality of food as the all the essential nutrients which are required by the body is derived by the food we consume. We know that Organic Food will be rich in all of them.


  • High Nutrition
  • Less Chemicals
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Keeps environment safe
  • Maintains food chain
  • Better Taste
  • Avoid diseases

As we now know the pros of switching to the organic food so i think this will be the best decision regarding your health. As per old saying which is true to long extend that Health is Wealth and if we will maintain our health then it will go till far way and we will feel good.

In India there are plenty of farmers but they are not opting the right techniques for growing. But also Organic Farming is done at high level in India and India exports majority of Organic Food. So we should opt for the organic food as it will be available for less expensive amount.


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