Who Is Ben Oliver? Murder Charges On Grandfather David In Bexleyheath, Televised Live From Old Bailey: An incredible & horrific incident happened in  Bexleyheath where a boy named ben Oliver killed his grandfather at the age of 75. This murder shocked everyone and his family got numb when they came to know the truth behind this murder. If you are wondering what we are saying so don’t worry we have shared the details regarding this news that how he killed his grandfather and the reason behind this will freak you out. This news is now getting viral on the internet some are in favor of this guy who killed his grandfather and some are not. So, let’s find out the whole news. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Ben Oliver

Who Is Ben Oliver?

He was a 25-year-old man who was born & grew up in South London. As per information, he has a disease named Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This disorder brings some disabilities to the mind like ASD. The person who is having this disorder do activity repetitive and learns to pay attention, and many other things in different ways. In 2016 he was also accused of sexual abuse with a young girl when he was just 15 years old. He then suffered sexual abuse from his grandfather and get into depression and suicidal thoughts also.

How Ben Killed His Grandfather?

He killed his grandfather who was 74 years old by stabbing a knife in his body several times. He mainly stabbed a knife on his face & neck until he died and on this, he gave a brief description that his grandfather tried to touch him in a bad way. His grandfather passed out in his bed and this incident happened in Mottingham. He then disclose the reason and said that he was accused of sexual abuse & his grandfather took advantage of him when his parents were not at home. He started having bad dreams and was scared of him.

Charges & Allegations On Ben Oliver

As he is 25 years old and he can register a complaint against him but he didn’t do that and killed his grandfather. On 19th January he agreed and pleaded guilty to killing his grandfather and now his first trial is fixed on 28th July 2022 at London’s Old Bailey. The whole hearing will be televised on various tv channels like Sky News, and BBC. It’s been said that he will be charged with ten years of jail with extra eight months for the manslaughter of his grandfather. The whole hearing link is mentioned below so have a look.


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