Belshina Bobruisk vs Gorodeya will go face to face in their next match which will be seen on April 3. Belshina Bobruisk has already played it’s two matches and tasted two consecutive defeats with one being at their home land. The first was a 3-1 defeat to Minsk and the other was a 1-0 defeat at Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino.

Whereas, on the other hand, it seems like Gorodeya is at a similar pace, they picked up the season with a sequence of defeats. They faced a 1-0 defeat at Vitebsk and on the very next defeat of 2-0 in their homeland against Shakhtyor. Gorodeya has suffered 4 consecutive in their 5 matches. Belshina hasn’t won any of their last 5 matches. They lost their last 3 matches continuously in all of their face offs. Balesina’s last match at Torpedo-Belaz Zhodino was a 1-0 defeat.


BEL vs GOR Possible Lineup:

The Belshina Bobruisk’s possible players includes

Turanok, Kuchinskiy, Odeyobo, Yasukevich, Bashilov, Glebko, Skoblikov, Bordyukov, Bezhonov, Kovel, Salimov

Possible Replacements:
Psyko, Novik, Rochev, Solanovich, Barkovsky, Rekish

The Gorodeya’s possible players includes

Dovgialo, Joksimovic, Pavlyuchenko, Sorokin, Usenya, Yaskovich, Ignatenko, Poznyak, Sazonovich, A Arkhipov, S Arkhipov

Possible Replacements:
Baiduk, Volovik, Lebedev, Shibun

There is one thing common in both the teams that they lost their first two opening matches. Gorodeya fell terribly in gaining scores. Their two matches were lost by 2-0 at their homeland and 1-0 was away. So far GOR has only managed to win a single match out of the five. In their 10 match run they have won only 3. Belshina is also in a worst state, they won 4 out of their last 10 matches.

The teams are in the bottom two positions of the scoreboard with continuously deteriorating scores as they are losing the matches. Both the teams have a hint that they have to buck up in order to stay in the game and hence, this time, they have chosen their team members well. The players are picked in a way that if they need any replacement of the player it can be done swiftly. For this match, Belshina Bobruisk will play host to Gorodeya this time. Belshina will try it’s luck hard to be in the game and defeat Gorodeya at home. The Match will be played at Spartak Stadium, Belarus. Who will win the match? watch it on April 3.


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