We are back with one more amazing match of the league that will be held in just a few hours. Yes, another match of the Chinese Super League will be played soon and fans are too excited to watch this match on the ground but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the audience is not allowed on the ground to watch any single match.

bei vs chyt live score

Well, today two genuine teams of the league, team Beijing Sinobo Guoan (BEI) and team Changchun Yatai (CHYT) will play an amazing match on the ground and show their skills to the fans. The watchers have gone excited again to watch this fabulous match.

Along with this, some fans are searching for important information such as date, time, league, venue, probable lineups player, and many more things. So, we are going to provide you all these details including match prediction as well. The excitement for the game can be on the Internet because many fans are watching every single match of the league as it’s show something amazing and worth watching.

Both teams are in Group B and around 8 teams come to this Group from the starting of the league. So, let’s move to the details which are important to share before the match starts.

BEI vs CHYT: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Beijing Sinobo Guoan (BEI) vs Changchun Yatai (CHYT)
  • League:- Chinese Super League
  • Venue:- Workers’ Stadium (Beijing)
  • Date:- August 12, 2021
  • Time:- 06:00 PM IST

BEI vs CHYT: Team Squad

Beijing Sinobo Guoan (BEI):- John Hou Saeter, Cao Yongjing, Renato Augusto, Yu’Ning Zhang, Li Ke, Gao Jian, Piao Cheng, Jin Pengxiang, Jonathan Viera, Gao Tianyi, Chi Zhongguo, Liang Shaowen, Li Lei, Cédric Bakambu, Wang Ziming, He Zhenyu, Jin Taiyan, Guo Quanbo, Hou Sen, Li Boxi, Yang Wei, Bai Yang, Xie Longfei, Wang Gang, Zhang Xizhe, Lucas Souza, Zou Dehai, Liu Huana, Yu Dabao, Kim Min-Jae, Jiang Wenhao, Liu Guobo, Ma Kunyue, and Ruan Qilong.

Changchun Yatai (CHYT):- Sun Qinhan, Zhang Wenjun, Jiang Zhe, Li Guang, Weihui Rao, Zhou Dadi, Zhang Yu, Yang Chaosheng, Bai Xuesong, Changcheng Cheng, Ci Henglong, Yufeng Zhang, Long Tan, Po-Liang Chen, Tong Yandong, Wu Yake, Serginho, Huang Yijin, Memet-Ali Memet-Raim, Yan Zhiyu, Song Ziwenhao, Mao Kaiyu, Jores Okore, Richairo Zivkovic, Hui Jiakang, Zhang Zijian, Júnior Negrão, Shi Xiaotian, Erik, Sun Jie, Dilyimit Tudi, Cui Qi, Wang Jie, and Li Zhang.

BEI vs CHYT: Lineups Player

Beijing Sinobo Guoan (BEI):- Tianyi Gao, Yuning Zhang, Cedric Bakambu, Huan Liu, Yang Bai, Xizhe Zhang, Cheng Piao, Fan Yang, Tao Jiang, Sen Hou (GK), and Tang Yu.

Changchun Yatai (CHYT):- Jie Sun, Qi Cui, Jores Okore, Guangwen Li, Long Tan, Changcheng Cheng, Zhiyu Yan, Xiaotian Shi (GK), Erik, Serginho, and Yu Zhang.

BEI vs CHYT: Match Prediction

The latest match of the league wil be held in just a few hours and fans are too excited to watch this game. The league have already introduced too many matches and now, expecting to watch a new one.

Along with this, the match prediction is also important for all the fans and we are going to provide that info here. So, team BEI is standing on the 5th position where they have played 12 matches and won almost 5 matches and lost 4 matches.

On the other side, team CHYT is standing on the 2nd position with 25 points. They have also played 12 matches where they won 7 matches and lost a single match. Also, they have performed well in the last five matches. So, we can predict that team CHYT has more chances to win this match.


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