A world of animals, civilized and living in a modern world, Beastars is all about it. The concept is however seen in many cartoons or animated series, but there is no denying it is fascinating to watch. Created by Paru Itagaki, it was awarded the Manga Taisho Award. This Japan-bound series came into light when Netflix bought it’s distribution rights to make it available to the world.

This series was considerably popular in Japan. Considering it, Netflix picked up this show and received amazing feedback. Beastars is liked and critically acclaimed for its story. With an increase in the fan base, the question also arises that when the viewers will see season 2 of the Beastars. As it has banged the worldwide market, now, the viewers want to know more about the story and look forward to the creator for another instalment.

Beastars Season 2

The first season was just made up of 12 episodes and we can expect a similar number of episodes in the future. The production house, Studio Orange, has confirmed the news of its upcoming season, and it will certainly be based on the chapters 48-49 of the Weekly Shonen Magazine. Since the Coronavirus situation has taken all over the world, it affected all the major production houses that have been halted for months. Though there is no confirmation on the release date, you can expect it in early 2021.

In the meantime, let’s take a glimpse at the plot, the story is about the animals leading a life manlike. They are civilized and basically do what a man does. They are also divided on the basis of food they consume, basically a cultural difference, which is between carnivorous and herbivores. The story is knitted around the life of Legoshi, a big wolf, he studies in a school operated under Louis, a red deer. He belongs to a carnivorous community, lives and studies with them. He is also a member in his school’s drama club.

He spends most of the time with his friend, Jack, a Labrador. Everything was working fine with both the communities, until the murder of Tem, and it divided the two communities of carnivores and herbivores. Moreover, Legoshi is in love with a herbivore dwarf rabbit, Haru. Now, the division between two communities has created stress in the romantic life of Legoshi and Haru. What will happen next is anticipated. Will their love story endure? Will everything go back to normal as it was? Well we have to wait until the next season unfolds. Till then, stay connected.


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