Watchers are eagerly waiting to watch the next season of Battle Game in 5 Seconds since the first season of twelve episodes has reached to end. After the first season, the fans are also hoping for the second season and there are many amazing things to watch in the latest season but fans are curious to know that when the second season will release? Is there any updates of the 2nd season?

battel game in 5 seconds review

Well, we are going to share these all details in this article. Battle Game in 5 Seconds is also known as the “Deatte 5-byou de Battle”. While the anime is adapted from Digital Manga. The story of the series revolves around Akira Shiroyanagi who is a student and is sent to another world after defeating by Mion.

Later, she was bestowed with an ability called “Sophist” that gave advantage to her during a battle. Well, the last season left with lots of questions, and fans are excited to know that season 2 will be released or not. Well, many rumors are views are claiming that Mion is alive and that season 2 could be released.

In the last season, we saw a battle between Akir and his ally and Mion and her group. Well, the makers did not share any kind of update regarding to season 2 and later, the first season was successful online and also on television and in magazines as well. It is assuming that Akila is alive and will be seen in the second season. So, let’s find out the possibilities of the second season.

Battle Game in 5 Seconds Season 2 Will Release?

As per the many sources of the Internet, the second season of Battle Game in 5 Seconds will come back for the fans. In the next season, we will get to see a new battle in Tokyo and the new team as well. All the allies will be seen in the season and become enemies of each other while, the TV series will show Akira Shiroyanagi and Yuuri Amakage teaming up.

Along with this, Mion is still alive in the show and it will be interesting to watch her in the latest season. The main villains of the series will bring them into the new mysterious world where they have nothing to go back there home.

Well, season 2 will release soon because D5PPROJECT is still working on the project and fans can expect the release date of the season in the early of next year and we will keep updating you with the latest information of the series. The official website has opened and it has been updating the latest updates related to the series.

Battle Game in 5 Seconds Season 2: Expected Release Date

Well, if you are waiting for the official release so, you can wait for the season to be released in January 2022. Well, it will be officially announced online. So, where can you watch this amazing series check here? There are two popular platforms for the series and you can watch both of them, Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS are the popular platforms for series and if you don’t belongs to Japan, VRV & Anime Digital Network is for you and you can watch this series on these platforms.


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