The Japanese Manga series is coming with back-to-back episodes and maybe, it is capturing the attention of millions of people across the world. Yes, we are talking about one of the amazing and fantastic anime series Battle Game In 5 Seconds, which is a Japanese Manga series and written by Saizo Harawata. On the other side, the series is illustrated by Kashiwa Miyako. The anime was directed by Meigo Naito and the license was given by Crunchyroll and Muse Communication.

battel game in 5 seconds

Since the series was aired, it has been gathered the attention of millions of fans and now, the makers are coming with the third episode of the series. Well, they have already released 16 volumes but the anime series was first released on July 13, 2021.

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Since then, the makers have released the two-episode and it’s time for the third episode. It is the 17th volume of the series and fans are loving the concept and characters of the series. Now, let’s find out what will be seen inside the new episode of the series. Before its release, it has already captured a lot of attention and now, watchers are too excited to watch this. So, let’s see what will be interesting in the young boy’s life.

Battle Game In 5 Seconds Episode 3: Spoiler

We know that the Japanese makers always come with interesting stories and again, they are surprising the watchers. The story says that story of a young boy who has been beaten to death and wakes up in a new world and finds that he has died in the real world. The boy name is Akira and he saw Mion in the world and realize that Mion is one of them who killed him in the reality. Mion told everything about Battle Game in 5 Seconds and also, told that they all live with their own rules. So, it will be interesting to watch that what kind of things will be seen inside the story of a young boy.

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In the last episode, Akira defeated Madoka and it was being announced that Akira Shiroyanagi is a winner of the game. After winning the battle, he was handcuffed for another fight and he finds that they are checking his abilities. Along with this, Mion and Yang watch him and are praised him for his victory in the battle. Later, the love story will be seen in the story between Akira and Yuuri. Many interesting things will be seen inside the anime series and maybe, the concept of the television series is capturing the attention of millions of people.

Battle Game In 5 Seconds Episode 3: Release Date

Everyone is waiting to watch the next episode of the series but fans will not have to wait for long because it will be released in just a few hours. So, the third episode of the Battle Game In 5 Seconds will be released on July 27, 2021. Along with this, you can watch the entire episode on VRV, ANIPLUS, and Crunchyroll. Well, the makers did not share the timing of the episode but it will be announced soon. After releasing the 3rd episode, the makers will soon release the fourth episode and we will also share the details of that. Keep Updated With Us.


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