Today’s latest episode of Barrister Babu begins with Anirudh as Anirudh and Bonadita appear with sampurna and Binoy for the ring finding ceremony. Sampoorna wins. Everyone claps. Trilochan looks up and says that sampoorna has no qualities. Mami says that Trilochan is elderly for Binoy, he thinks that there is some matter that I am not able to understand. Sampoorna thinks you wanted me to leave, I won’t let you fall, I’ll get you the keys to the house. Bondita prays that things get settled between sampurna and trilokan. Sampoorna remembers Mami’s words and she touches Trilochan’s feet. Bodhita asks Trilochan to bless sampurna. He blesses. Anirudh starts smiling.

Barrister Babu

In the next scene, Sampoorna says that you had taken the burden of all the responsibilities on you, you must be tired, so now you need to rest. Yes, now you have a daughter-in-law on whom you can put all the responsibility and she is able to bear all the responsibilities. Meanwhile, he thinks that she is asking for the locker key with this excuse and sampurna thinks that you cannot refuse me because I have become the elder daughter-in-law of this family.

After some time, kaka sasur says that you must be able to eat all the responsibilities of the house, but our family has a tradition that the feast of household responsibilities and the keys of the vault is put on the little daughter-in-law, to hear that sampurna is taken aback. In this way, the dice of sampurna turns upside down and the key of the vault gets to Bonadita, the responsibility of the house is given to Bonadita.

Now, we have to see to what extent Samourna will go to get the keys. Let’s see Sampurna conspiring for Bondita and tried to grab keys from Bondita. Here we might see a new twist in the show, viewers are eagerly waiting to know, in the next written update you will know the upcoming turn in the show “Barrister Babu”


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