As usual, today we are going to talk again about the world-famous and high TRP container show on TV called Barrister Babu. Nowadays people like this show the maximum and they always wait for its upcoming episodes, here we will tell you about the upcoming episodes of the show. The show is aired on Colors TV every Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm. If you want to know about the upcoming episodes of the show then stay in the article. We will do a recap of the previous episode before the upcoming drama on the show.

Barrister Babu Written Update 11th December 2020

As we saw in the last episode, Anirudh prepares all the girls so that they can pass with a good number in the moke test. Apart from this, we saw that Bonita’s book is stolen and everyone tries to find it but the book is not found, however, in the end, Anirudh finds the book and Anirudh punishes the thief so that the thief cannot try to steal from further do not. Apart from this, we saw in the last episode that all the boys answer all the questions in the class but the girls are unable to answer the questions although, in the end, Bondita answers all the questions.

In the upcoming episode, we will see a new twist & turn when Ilaichi will expand the new scheme. Apart from this, there is a new twist coming in the show due to the girls of Hiramandi. Yes, the girls of Hiramandi will be traitors, but the whole plot behind all this will be composed by Saudamini. Ilaichi is the black sheep who will be in the favour of mini being a part of Anirudh’s team, she will cheat her team. Anirudh gives all-girls a practice to overcome the challenge, but Saudamini gives Ilachi a task that before the challenge tomorrow you give the medicine of pulses in the hand of Rasgulla so that they lost in the challenge.

Girls are so excited about the challenge and they are completely prepared for that Now, Ilachi does the work which she was told and finally, she put a sleeping pulse in the bowl of Rasgulla, after taking that pulse every girl will feel sleepy. Let’s know will Mini be successful in her plan that you will find the upcoming episode.


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