In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, we have seen many twists and turns in the last episode and fans are going excited for the next episode as Bondita and Anirudh are running away from her family and going to start a new life. We have seen in the last episode that Bondita and Anirudh have run away from the Tulsipur and Krishna Nagar to get married but the servants of Thakuma and Trilochan are finding them.

barrister babu 28th august 2021

Trilochan has ordered everyone that shoots Bondita at sight. Now, the episode will take a new turn in Anidita’s life. We are going to share the latest update of the next episode.

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So, the next episode will start from where Trilochan and Thakuma are trying to find out them, and in this, Anirudh gets hurt by the attack of Thakuma and plans to run away from there. Anirudh says that they can’t go to the police because Trilochan and Thakuma have contacts in the police.

Bondita says that she knows about this and Somati Maa is trying to make understand everyone there and no one will listen to them. Anirudh plans to get married as soon as possible and before them, Trilochan visits the village’s temple and ordered his servants that if Anirudh will come here and talk with the priest of the temple, shoots Bondita at sight.

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After that, Anirudh and Bondita reach the temple and Anirudh says that once, we get married, we will go to our home and because of the power of love, we will convince our parents. Bondita clears his face and clothes and Anirudh asks her to move into the temple.

On the other side, Trilochan ordered their servants to hide in the temple and shot Bondita at sight but be aware of Anirudh. All servants hide in the temple and Trilochan says that Anirudh will get Bondita in coffin.

When Anidita moves towards the temple, Bondita finds a locket of Trilochan on the stairs and remembers that it is a locket of Trilochan and run away from the stairs with Anirudh so that no one could catch them. Bondita says that Trilochan is in the temple and Anirudh says that so, it could happen that Thakuma and Somnath are in different temples.

Anirudh says that they have moved towards the border and visit the area where no one is aware of them. They decided to go to Chandan Nagar. On the other side, Chandrachur realizes that he has become a fool, and today, he will bring back Bondita and kill Anirudh.

Later, Bondita feels Hungary and Anirudh tells her that they will steal food and become thieves. Anirudh stops her to steal meals from the shop as he will do this. Bondita says that in her childhood, she stole Rasgulla many times but Anirudh stops her and takes some meals for her.

The episode will also show you that how Bondita and Anirudh will live in a hut and they both will face some problems because they don’t have proper shed, proper meal and their life is in danger. Now, let’s see what will happen next? Stay tuned with us.


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