Again, we are back with another brilliant and anticipated television show named Barrister Babu. Now, the upcoming episode of the show already enhanced a very huge curiosity among the audience to know the further story of the show. As all of us know that the show is actually going on very well and entertaining millions of people all over the country.

Barrister Babu 23rd July 2021

The upcoming episode begins with Tupur coming to Bondita. After that, Bondita says that she will save her from Bahu Vivaah, and also she says that she won’t let anything wrong happen to her. But, Tupur scolds her and leaves the place.

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After that, Bondita thinks that she is worried and she again says that she will never let anything wrong happen to her. In the morning, Anirudh says we have to work harder to win the sword fight competition this time. Then, men who hear his words say that they will win and they don’t need to worry about the competition.

Anirudh replies to them that if they think like this, it means they are inviting defeat after underestimating the enemy. On the other hand, Bondita thinks about what shall she do to make Anirudh confess his feelings for her.

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In the next scene, she sees Piano and recalls Anirudh that he is playing it. Then, she plays the piano but suddenly, Anirudh comes and says that it is good to have faith but he gets disturbed after hearing this voice of the piano. He goes to her and she says that she likes to play the piano. He corrects her and says that it is not a good tune as it is a headache.

He further says that you don’t know tunes and you need to stand up from there. Bondita asks him to play the piano. She says she wants to play it, but she don’t know about it. She further says that Anirudh knows and he plays a very lovely tune.

Suddenly, Trilochan comes and Bondita asks him about taking the piano to her home. Anirudh replies that no but she says she will give money for it. But, Trilochan says it’s not about money but she further wanting to take the piano with her. Anirudh denies her offer and then she says that if you play it then prove it. But, she says Trilochan to sent the piano with her.

When she is just about to leave the place, Anirudh starts playing and then Bondita smiles. The kids come and Anirudh Cries as he thinks of Bondita. Trilochan praises him for the tune but he leaves the place and goes to his room. It will be actually very exciting to watch the episode of Barrister Babu on Colors TV at 8:30 PM.


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