Barrister Babu is an Indian Social Drama Television Series. It is telecast on Colors TV. Today we will discuss its latest update of the show. The show starts with Binoy, In the upcoming episode, we will see the dog’s collar is kicked by Binoy. Saudamini claps and says, “You know how to wear it, or I’ll help you.” He sees the slate there and laughs at Rekha. She asks if you got the drawing. Greenwood tells Anirudh to wear a dog collar, he is now a slave who also finds a hunter.

Barrister Babu Today’s Episode

Anirudh and Binoy sing with girls. Trilochan meets villagers then Trilochan says we are here just because of our daughter in law Bondita. Anirudh says here we start facing challenges and Trilochan play Shell. Further, Greenwood says the challenge has just begun and you are all celebrating as if you have won.

Highlights of an upcoming episode

Saudamini responds by saying that this is her old habit. Anirudh says the fight will continue. Mr. Nafroz comes there as a referee. Greenwood says that I have called him here because he is the principal of a school, he will be made a judge and he will make rules for everyone.

On the other side, Bondita says I will introduce her, he lets the girl introduce themselves then Anirudh smiles. Anirudh trains girls rough and tough. Nafroj says to the girl for introducing then Sodamni says they all are defeated.

All boys started to laugh, Trilochan says I don’t think our girls can compete with boys.  It will be so interesting to see who wins the task and becomes the winner of the competition between Girls and Boys. Let’s see in the upcoming episode what is a new twist on the way of this show. Do not forget to watch only on colors at 8:00 Pm.


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