The most prominent and brilliant television show is all set with the upcoming episode. Yes, the name of the exceptional show is Barrister Babu. Now, if we talk about the upcoming episode of the show then it will start with Anirudh who is asking Bondita to leave the house. But, Bondita apologizes to him and saying that she will never go anywhere without taking his permission. After hearing this, Anirudh tells her that he will not ready to listen, anyone, and says that she has to leave the house right now. She has to do it right now as punishment to disobey him.

Barrister Babu Today's Episode 13th July 2021

Suddenly, Trilochan comes and interrupts Anirudh to do not repeat the same mistake again and take care of her and there is no reason to enhance the matter by stretching it. After that, Trilochan stated that now it is his responsibility and he has to make sure that she will never repeat the mistake again.

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Anirudh says that he doesn’t know what she has done, she dares to enter Bondita’s room which is wrong and unfair too. He further says that there is no stranger who has the right to enter her room without taking his permission. Not only this, but it is not a forgivable thing.

Just because of this, she deserves punishment and he wants to send her away from their house. After hearing this, Trilochan tries to make Anirudh in control by consoling him but his anger is beyond the expectations and he can not forgive her at any cost. He leaves the place and meanwhile, Bondita deliberately asks Trilochan about Bondita.

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Describing her character, Trilochan said that Bondita is a very intelligent girl and is the daughter-in-law of Roy Chaudhary. Further, he exposes all the efforts that Anirudh has made to make Bondita a graduate.

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After hearing this, Bondita gets happy as she thinks that she has a place in their hearts and she wants to know more, what they think about her. Now, the story of the television is actually entertaining everyone. So, if you want to watch the upcoming episode of the show then you just need to stay on Colors TV as the show is airing on the channel.

The timing of Barrister Babu is 8:30 PM and millions of people all over the country are eager to watch the upcoming episode of the television show.


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