Finally, here is the most entertaining daily soap which has titled and famous as Barrister Babu. This Bengali story serial made huge attention among the audience and there is nobody who can imagine the fan following of this serial. Surprising the continuous twist in the story does not take relief and making everyone curious for the latest episode of it. Fans are excited to watch the show because they want to know the further story and what will happen next with the leading character Bondita. SO let’s start to unveil all the upcoming incidents here with some interesting changes that will happen in the upcoming episodes.

Barrister Babu Today Episode, 5th August 2021, Written Update: Somnath Scold Her

In the upcoming episode, we will see Bondita is trying to become Vaijanti and be a friend with the villagers. The story of this episode takes turn when Sapoorna and Trilochan scold bondita for her action and trying to become Vaijanti. After the scene, Bondita tells them the whole incident that why she did this.

Even she starts telling them that she bring Binoy to the hospital for treatment. He suffered extreme pain and she can’t see him in this condition. He loudly shouts at her and tells her that she is his enemy and he will create more problems for her.

The situation becomes interesting and Somnath scolds her and warns her that if she still doing this type of action then he will shoot her. Suddenly Thakuma came to the place and stops Somnath to scold her like this. She tells him that why he scold him and it is seriously disrespectful and unexpected from him. Somnath tells Thakumaa that she has to leave her alone and ran away from the place.

He wanted to talk to Bondita separately. Later Thankuma tells him that now they will talks in Panchayat in front of all the family members and relatives. The matter will be sort there and all the issues will be discussed there definitely. Bondita asks why, I didn’t go there as a spy. Thakumaa says you will refuse to them tomorrow, you will say you don’t know Vaijanti, you just went to the court, understand. To know the further incidents you have to watch the full episodes on the regular platform on your screens.


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