In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, we will see that Anirudh realizes that he was wrong and Bondita is not a spy as she is innocent and he did wrong with her. But, it has been too late because Bondita has gone back to her village. Now, the upcoming episode will show that how Anirudh will bring back his love of life because Bondita has promised her mother.

barrister babu 19th august 2021

Sumati that she will not go back to Krishna Nagar and will always stay in Tulsipur. Also, Trilochan knew that Anirudh is loving Bondita and takes her back. It will be interesting to watch the next episode and here is the latest update of the upcoming episode.

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The next episode will start from where when Anirudh comes in her room and think about Bondita gestures and realizes that she is not here. Anirudh feels his love for her and realizes that Bondita enters his room as Vaijayanti. Vaijayanti says that she is Vaijayanti his friend and says that he is sick.

She says that he has a fever of love and Vaijayanti says that if someone loves so, the heartbeat runs too fast. Anirudh goes into the rain and feels that he is in love with Bondita and come back to his room. He calls Bondita and Bondita pickups the call.

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Anirudh says that I know, you will not say anything but I also know that you are there. I can feel you and know you are there and I want to say sorry to you and need one chance to clear my all mistakes. He says that I want to tell you that Anirudh Chowdhury loves you a lot and suddenly, Bondita cuts the call.

Suddenly, Chandrachur comes to her room with taking food and asks her to eat this. He says that I know that you will not eat a piece but Bondita says that how will I not eat food? She takes food from him and tries to eat but suddenly realizes that Sakha Babu also did not do anything since morning so, how can I? and drop food.

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Chandrachur touches her shoulder with the wrong intention and says that she is not alone and she can share her anger, sadness and pain with him. Chandrachur says that our talks will stay always between us and will never tell Tupur about this.

Tupur comes to their room’s door and sees Chandrachur touching her shoulder. Tupur things that you will do whatever you can but I will never let Bondita be yours. She goes from there and Bondita says thanks to him for encouraging her and she doesn’t want to make any relationship. The Episode Ends. So, Will Bondita realizes the love of Anirudh. Tell in the comment section.


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