The latest episode of Barrister Babu begins with Bondita as Bondita smiles and says that Gopal Babu. Trilochan says that she cannot use that name and orders them to prepare for worship the next day. Bondita assures him that Pooja will be done in full. You have no need to worry, Trilochan says that he wants to get worshiped because his heart is indicating something bad is going on. Hearing this, Anirudh smiles. Let’s get into the details of its latest episode in detail.

Barrister Babu Latest Today Episode 23th December 2020: Bondita Says Anirudh To Bring Flower

In the next scene, Bihari cleans the ancestral photo. Trilochan asks Munshi if he arranged the things of worship. The scribe wickedly said that he has already arranged, there is no need to ask you. Trilochan scolds Bihari, saying that bring the photo to the temple quickly. On the other side, everyone goes to the temple. The Bondita cleans her feet before entering the temple. Anirudh follows Bondita and Bondita says him to bring flowers for Gopal.

Pooja begins after some time. Bondita thinks where does this woman also disintegrate? Bondita says that husband Babu must be feeling the same as me. If he will see that woman. The woman looks at the Anirudh family from afar. The pundit asks the Bondita to put things in the havan and worship begins and all are lost in the shelter of God. It will be interesting to see which twist come in the serial which will be the result of the new drama.

In the next scene, Pooja ends and everyone leaves for the house. After that, Anirudh says that if children play games it is good but if you talk nonsense it will not be good. Shubhra says that I am not your mom kid, trust my words. I was your mom in the past life and this is my virtue. Anirudh says that I am well aware of all your tricks and don’t try to fool me. Trilochan says that he will handle it. Please do not worry. Subra sings the song Chanda ree and everyone is surprised to hear this song from Subra. Along with the episode ends.


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