The latest episode of Barrister Babu will come with the latest twist and things will change when Bondita will confess many things in front of Anirudh and even, Anirudh will open some truth of his life. Now, let’s find out what will come inside the latest episode.  The episode starts when Chandrachur says that after winning the Sword fighting.

barrister babu 31st july 2021

Anirudh will get marry to Vaijayanthi and the announcement will take place after the competition and thinks that Vaijayanthi will be kidnapped and On the other side, Bondita gets sad after hearing this and Sumati asks her about the gulal in her head and she says that I have to go for rest. Chandrachur thinks that there is a connection between Bondita and Vaijayanti.

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On the other side, Anirudh visit the house of Vaijayanti and a lady asks him that who is he? He says that I am Anirudh and she says that you can’t meet Vaijayanti right now because mom and dad brought her to market as her marriage days are close but you can meet her at the temple during the time of rasam. He goes from there and Chandrachur comes and thinks that he will have to meet Vaijayanthi and suddenly, he notices on the board that reads, Vaijayanti and Prabhat.

Chandrachur says that she is going to marry Anirudh but another man says that no, she is marrying Prabhat and Chandrachur thinks that there is something wrong going on and I am unaware of this. Bondita comes into an argument with herself and decides that she will reveal the truth in front of Anirudh and says that she is Bondita. How did Anirudh break my heart? She leaves and goes to Anirudh to asks about his reality.

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Vaijayanti forces Anirudh that he is ready to marry Vaijayanthi and she thinks in her mind that Please, Sakha Babu denies marrying Vaijayanti and says that Bondita is living in your heart. While Anirudh stands to confuse and says that I also don’t know that what is going on in my heart and if I know so, I will definitely share with you.

Bondita says that so, please listen to your heart and keep her hand on his chest and asks Anirudh to tell the names of the girl. To whom he remembers when he closes his eyes, who is she and comes to your dreams, and you don’t want to give her space to anyone.

Anirudh says please look at Vaijayanti and she stops him and replies that first, you listen to me. I am giving you time for one day and if you are ready to marry me so, hold my hand by saying yes and if you say No, so give me a reason. The episode ends.


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