We are back with the latest written update of Barrister Babu, as of August 09, 2021. Recently, the show is coming with a turning point in the life of Bondita where she is facing two ways. She has been trapped in her faith and deciding to come out but the silence of Anirudh is killing her. Now, let’s see what will be seen in the upcoming episode.

Barrister Babu 9th August 2021

They all are standing in Panchayat and Trilochan has declared that she will have to go from here and moved to Kashi for staying forever as a servant. Bondita says that she will go to Kashi forever and never come back. She asks Anirudh about his opinion and says that she wants to know that what he thinks about her because the person doesn’t kill by someone’s words but someone’s silence can kill them any time.

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Bondita says that she just wants to hear from his mouth that what he wants? But still, Anirudh calms and trying to say something but couldn’t. Suddenly, Thakkuma comes to Bondita and holds her hand. She moved back to her and asks her to take her words back.

But Bondita, who is mad at Anirudh’s love just sees her continuously and thinks that if Sakha Babu stops her. While Anirudh is still silent and thinking that what should he do? On the other side, Chandrachur says that he did not send Bondita to Tulsipur as a spy.

Somnath says that there is a chance to save Bondita. Barrister Ghosh will say that she used to come to court to work on a case. Bondita says to her Mum that she can’t lie because if you gave me birth, so, Anirudh taught me to fly and many more things. Whatever I am today, just because of Sakha Babu. In the Panchayat, Bondita accepts to become Sanyasini and refused that she did not work with Barrister Ghosh and went to Roy Chowdhury haveli but she was not a spy.

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Bondita says that I sent a letter to you, have you got that? But Chandrachur thinks that he had changed the latter. Bondita says that she is telling only the truth and I did not add any kind of chemical into things. She says that she met after 8 years and remembered her memories with Anirudh, It was my spying? Anirudh turns his face away.

Later, Thakkuma says that she can’t accept this punishment because her whole life will spoil and her life will lose all the colors. Suddenly, Bondita accepts the punishment. The Episode Ends. Stay available on our page, we will provide you every detail of the upcoming episode, and also, the daily written update will be available on our page.


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