The amazing ongoing serial of Barrister Babu is coming with back-to-back latest episode and watchers are going excited to watch this serial as soon as possible. Every episode has shown some amazing twist as Battuk is against Bondita and along with this, he also provoked Trilochan against her.

barrister babu 6th november 2021

In the previous episodes, we have seen that how Bondita is fighting against the rights of widows, who have suffered from a difficult life. While, Bihari Babu has put a line outside the haveli and said to her that she can’t cross the line and if she does this, she will have to break all the relationships with them.

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Now, the episode of the show will come with lots of twists and turns because when Bondita goes outside the house without taking permission of Trilochan. Later, Battuk goes outside the house and he repeats by saying that she is going to fight against widows and let’s see what will happen with her.

She will win this case and later when her baby will come into this world, he will snatch her baby and throw her outside this house. Along with this, we have also seen that how Malika mixed mushrooms in the food of Bondita so, her child will die in her womb.

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Well, many more things will reveal in this upcoming episode because when Bondita will go to the Government office to take some things of Anirudh, he shows a register in which, it was written “Late Anirudh RoyChoudhary” after seeing this, Bondita gets furious and says to the person that why did he write Late before his name?

Anirudh is alive and he is living with her. The person says that it can’t happen because those who handed over these things said that they saw him drowning in the river so, how could he be alive?

Bondita says that let me call him and asks permission to use his phone to call him in the office. Bondita calls in Roychoudhary haveli but no one picks up her call. She continuously calls her and at the end, Battuk pick up the call while praying for Anirudh with Trilochan.

He says that no one can let them pray calmly. Battuk put the call without listening Bondita. On the other side, Bondita hears everything when Trilochan says that Anirudh has gone from this world and he can’t come back. Bondita gets worried about this and thinks what is going on? The Episode Ends.


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