The latest episode of Barrister Babu begins with Anirudh reminds the words of Bondita and Trilochan to bring Anirudh to the children’s room and Trilochan says that yoy will have to adopt children from orphanage house and become dad or mum of those children but you lost your dad and mum because of the Krishna Nagar people.

Barrister Babu 6th August 2021

Trilochan says to him that he will have to provide justice to the Tulsipur and he can’t become a selfish person. While Trilochan thinks that Anirudh will definitely take the right decision. When they all come to the Panchayat, Thakuma says to Bondita that she doesn’t need to say a single word as Chandrachur will handle all these matters.

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On the other side, Somnath shows sulphur in the panchayat and says that Bondita used it to make Anirudh lose in the sword competition. While Chandrachur replies that there is no proof about it and also, Bondita sent all clothes to Anirudh. He asks the court and says that the latter lies to everyone that Bondita used to come to the court for work.

She did not go Roychowdhury haweli in her life but Bondita forgets all the things and warning of Sumati and tells every truth to them. She says that she is honest and can’t see herself like this in front of Anirudh. He is everything to me.

Bondita says everything to them and says that the only opinion of Anirudh matters to her and she trusts him. She asks Anirudh that what she meant to her. Does he think that she can plan something like this. Suddenly, Trilochan asks Bondita that why did you mixed sulpher in the clothes of Anirudh and sent him before the competition starts.

Bondita says that she sent a letter to him where she wrote that she is Bondita, did he get that letter? She tells him that all the time which she spent with him was genuine and does want to hurt his feelings. Her emotion for him was not fake and their friendship is everything for her, she did not do anything with the wrong intention.

Anirudh stands quiet and Bondita says that his silence is not good as it’s killing him from inside. His silence is describing him as a criminal and she can accept everything from them as a punishment.

Thakuma asks her to stay silent and change her mind on this. Chandrachur says that he doesn’t think that Bondita is a spy. Anirudh feels that she came into their haweli with the wrong intention so, she will be punished but how can he punish her? Chandrachur says that he won’t be destroyed Bondita life because of Anirudh. Panchayat takes their decision and says that Bondita came here as a spy and she will be punished. Sumati worries that what kind of punish she will get.

Panchayat asks Roychowdhury to take the decision about it and what kind of punishment he will give to her. Trilochan says that she insulted Dugga Ma and her punishment will be the same as she did. Now, she will have to spend the rest of her life as a nun. She will have to live like a devotee and will go kashi. Chandrachur denies accepting this and says Bondita will also refuse to accept this. They can’t force her to become a devotee. On the other side, Anirudh thinks that Bondita should say no to this.

Suddenly, Bondita says yes to this and Thakuma says that the rest of her life will become without colours. Bondita replies that she can also accept that. Panchayat says that she will have to perform all the rituals to get free from all the attachments of her life. She will have to leave her family and need to pure her body as well. While Trilochan says that he will inform Kashi’s ashram as Bondita is coming to them.


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