We are back with the new twisting episode of Barrister Babu, where Anirudh is in jail and Bondita is fighting his case to save him from hang and while Subodh Barrister is also creating some misunderstandings in the court and because of this, Tapur denies to testify. Now, the latest episode will show you that Trilochan will be seen saying to the ladies that this year, they can’t celebrate the Durga Puja as the condition of their house is not good.

Barrister Babu 5th October 2021

Bondita replies that we have been doing Durga Puja for the last many years and Bondita says to Trilochan that he always taught her Maa Durga will always open the path for her. While ladies and Bondita doe Sindoor khela. Tupur comes to them and says that her husband is still alive and she talks with him every day.

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On the other side, Bondita receives a list of things from the police in which the things that were taken from Chandrachur are written but she doesn’t get the ring on the page. Poice tell her to check the list again and she find that there was a ring written in the last. Bondita thinks that there is something wrong as she is sure that there was no ring in the list. On the other side, Sampoorna gives medicines to Binoy and he gets violent.

Som scolds Sampoorna and says that why did she give him sweets but Sampoorna denies and says that she did not give a single piece of sweets. Suddenly, Bondita comes to Binoy and asks him that who gave him kheer. Binoy reveals that Tupur came into her room and he caught Tupur there and that’s why she gave her kheer to eat.

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Bondita realizes that Tupur put the ring in the clothes and thinks that but who did she do this and from where she finds the ring of Chandrachur. In the night, Bondita follows Tupur and find that there is someone else with Tupur and realizes that Tupur is not mad as she is playing a big game with everyone.

On the other side, Kaka Babu and Thakuma plan to escape Anirudh from the jail and Bondita comes there and says that this is illegal and before planning this, they would have asked her. Thakuma says that she has talked with Pandit Ji and Bondita replies that she will have to find evidence to save Anirudh so, she can’t sit in the puja.

On the other side, Anirudh meets his father in the hospital and Trilochan asks him to leave soon as Binoy will see the police so, he will scare of them. When Anirudh goes from there, he says to Bondita that she is just one step away to find the truth in front of everyone. The Episode Ends.


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