In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, we will see that when Bondita tried to testify Tapur. Suddenly, Subodh tried to manipulate Tapur by asking some strange questions to her and Tapur got nervous because of his questions. He asked some strange questions to Tapur. Because of Subodh’s questions, Tapur denied to testify herself in front of everyone and went from there.

barrister babu 4th october 2021

Subodh asked some strange questions to her by asking where was Chandrachur touching her? When Anirudh came there and To whom she loved? Many more questions were asked her and therefore, she went from there, and outsiders came inside the courtroom. Subodh tried to made Anirudh mad.

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Subodh says to Anirudh that why does he think that ladies can stand squad to the men’? Subodh says that his wife will bring to her knees in the first hearing and girls always suits at home and on the bed.

Anirudh gets angry after hearing this and tries to beat him and warns him in angry that he will kill him. Bondita says to Subodh that he tried to twists the facts. Subodh asked the judge to see his behavior as he was trying to kill me and beating me in front of everyone.

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It could also happen that he and Chandrachur fought with each other and in anger, he shot Chandrachur. Later, Judge announce that on Vijaydashmi, there will be the last hearing of this case and if Bondita will not present any kind of evidence, Anirudh will be hanged on that day.

Later, Bondita meets Anirudh in jail and he asks her that he believed in her and she will definitely find another truth. Anirudh also make promises to her by saying that she will not force or blame Tapur to come in court again.

He also asks him to find another truth to save him. Anirudh says that he believes in her and she will definitely find a way to bring the truth in front of everyone. On the other side, Somnath gives Chandrachur’s clothes which is returned by the police. Bondita finds everything in his clothes apart from his ring which he never separated from himself. She asks Somnath to keep all these clothes and wants to check all the things.

Tupur comes here and sees Bondita and gets nervous. She thinks that if the truth will come in front of Bondita so, what will happen, while, Bondita thinks that this is a way to find the truth. Now, let’s see what will happen in the upcoming episode and how Bondita will find the truth because Chandrachur is still alive but he is hiding from everyone and Tupur also knows the truth


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