The latest episode of Barrister Babu will air on August 04, 2021, and the episode will bring the further love story of Anirudh and Bondita. The upcoming episode will start from where Anirudh will face difficulty to hold the sword and Trilochan thinks that why Anirudh’s hands are shaking. He starts to fight but can’t defeat properly and sees everything blur. On the other side, Bondita realizes that the spies belong to Krishna Nagar while, Binoy hides after seeing attackers.

Barrister Babu 4th August 2021

Sampurna thinks that where Bondita and Binoy went. She calls Vaijayanti. But, Bondita goes from there with Binoy to have a ride on the rickshaw. At the moment, Binoy feels unhealthy and Bondita says that nothing will happen to him.

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Anirudh breaks a pot of water and the water splash on his face due to this, he sees clearly and fight again with them and continued attacks on them. Continuously, he wins two round of the competition and Chandrachur says that he is clever and smart but still he can lose this match because of masterstroke and the spies of Krishna Nagar starts throwing a stone on the rickshaw.

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Bondita and Binony go toward the hospital but the spies moved the direction of the road and they go toward the ground where the competition is going on. Spies say that Chandrachur gave them an order to bring Binoy to the ground and suddenly, a spy comes in front of their rickshaw and Bondita tries to pull the rickshaw as fast as she can. She was hit by a stone and fall down on the ground.

Anirudh fights with Chandrachur in the competition and sees that Binoy is in trouble and rushes to save him. Everyone get shocked after seeing him and Anirudh leave the competition to save him and Chandrachur laughs at him.

Somnath says that if he can’t leave the competition but Anirudh says his father is more important than competition. Bondita also comes there to save him and Thakuma says what she is doing here and the host announces Krishna Nagar as a winner of the competition.

Everyone comes to the point including Jagannathan, Bondita, Anirudh, and Roy Chowdhury family and everything reveals in front of them as Bondita lied to them and became Vaijayanti. Bondita lied from the Roy Chowdhury family.

Many things go into trouble as Tulsipur spy of Chandrachur comes there and asks Bondita that why she came here with Binoy so, Anirudh lose the competition. Everyone misunderstands Bondita and even, Sampurna slaps her in front of her. The Episode Ends.


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