Hey watchers, we are back with the latest written episode of Barrister Babu where we will get to see something interesting as Bondita and Anirudh ran away from their house and trying to get married as soon as possible. They have reached to Chandan Nagar where Chandrachur is about to come and the secret of Anidita will reveal in front of everyone.

Barrister Babu 3rd September 2021

In the last episode, we saw that everyone was scolding them for being in love before marriage and Kali supports them by saying that love is love and they love each other so, what is the problem. Kali decides that after Laboni gets married, she will let them get married in the same mandap on the same day.

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Now, the upcoming episode shows that Anirudh and Bondita get to know that Chandrachur is the only brother of Laboni and he is present at the wedding. They both get alert by his presence and hide. Bondita gets worried to get caught. She says to Anirudh that Chandrachur will create a wall in front of them. Anirudh says that Chandrachur and no one can stop their marriage. Anirudh says to her that he will deal smartly with him.

He tells her to through bait to catch prey. He tells her that hunters try to hunt pray and use a goat. They will lay a trap by showing Bondita’s glimpse to him and it will make him restless to find her in the Laboni’s house. He says that once Chandrachur sees her glimpse, he will become sure that he can find her and when he will come into the sangeet function, he will create trouble for himself.

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According to Anirudh’s plan, Bondita dance in Sangeet function with other ladies and open up her ghunghat and shows her face to him and gets anxious to know about her. Chandrachur will come into the trap and later, he will lift ghunghat of other women in the function. The action will change into a misbehave in front of Kali and Laboni. Later, all the ladies will raise an objection over Chandrachur’s presence in the function.

Later, they ask Kali to not call any man in the Sangeet function. Chandrachur mother gets worried to know his madness over Bondita, when he tells her that he saw Bondita at a Sangeet function. Later, Bondita and Anirudh hide and Chadrachur goes outside the house to find her.

They get free for their marriage. Bondita gets happy because they got free from Chandrachur. While Trilochan is another problem for them and he has sworn to stop Anirudh and Bondita’s marriage. The Episode Ends.


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