The latest episode of Barrister Babu, August 31, starts when Anidita is working in a wedding function with the help of servants and we see that Anirudh is carrying a heavyweight on his shoulder to put away and he is about to fall down but Bondita support him. Anirudh gets happy after seeing this and Bondita helps him.

Barrister Babu 31st August 2021

Suddenly, one girl comes to Bondita and says that Thakuma is calling her and they both get shocked. That girl holds the hand Bondita and takes her inside a room. Anirudh follows her and sees through a window and wants to see that who is Thakuma.

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One old lady sitting on a chair and Bondita calls Thakuma without seeing her face. That lady turns and says that she is not an old Thakuma and she is Kali. Bondita apologizes to her for calling her Thakuma. Kali says that she is still beautiful and boys are crazy for her.

Bondita says that she got shocked after listening to her name as Thakuma. Kali asks Bondita’s name and Bondita replies that she is Rani. Kali holds her hand and moves her fingers on her palm. Kali indicates that she looks like a real queen so, why did she become a maid. Laboni says that Thakuma knows horoscope. Kali says that she is a maid but she is a still queen in her lover’s eyes.

Bondita feels shy and Anirudh gets happy after hearing this. Kali asks her to clean everything and Bondita leaves from there. On the other side, Sumati asks Chandrachur and Thakuma that they did not find Bondita yet.

Thakuma says that we can’t find them and they make us feel shy in front of everyone and she will be punished. Sumati says that she has died for me for lifetime. She got angry on her and says that she can’t be my Bondita. Sumati denies accepting her and breaks all the relations with Bondita.

On the other side, the Priest comes to Kali and Kali says that have prepared everything for the grandchild because she is about to marriage tomorrow. The priest says that tomorrow’s day is too auspicious that anyone can marry.

Bondita listens to everything and Anidita decides to marry tomorrow. Bondita asks for the blessings of Sumati and Anirudh bring a telephone for her and asks for call her mother. She calls her but the call is picked by Tupur.

Bondita asks for Sumati and Tupur makes excuse and says that she is talking with her family. Anirudh also calls his home and asks for blessings from Sampoorna. She tells all the rituals to him and Anirudh says that the marriage will be a remembrance for Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita look at each other and Anirudh promises to marry her soon. The Episode Ends.


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