We are back with the latest episode of Barrister Babu, currently, the Colors popular serial is capturing the attention of several fans. Everyone wants to watch the latest episode of the show because of its amazing concept. It is exciting to watch every episode of the serial and people always want to know the written update of the serial.

Barrister Babu, Latest Episode 30th October 2021

In this article, we will share the latest update of the serial. Well, daily watchers know very well that what’s going on in the latest episode of the show. Now, Bondita has doubts regarding Anirudh because she thinks that he is not Anirudh. He is someone else who is wearing a get-up of Anirudh.

In the previous episode of the serial, we have seen that Bondita got to know that he is none other than Battuk who declined all the calls regarding to Bondita. He refused all the people who called Bondita for their case by saying that she doesn’t live here. Now, Bondita wants to know the reality behind this and therefore, she is searching for everything.

She also saw Anirudh was throwing her awards and by doing this, Bondita saw him and asked him that why is he doing this? Along with this, everyone wants to know that by when Anirudh will come back in Bondita’s life because Battuk is playing a big game with Bondita.

Since Anirudh has gone from the show, every fan is missing him and maybe, it is going to become a reality for everyone because Anirudh will be back in the upcoming episodes. Yes, the latest episode of the serial will show all the watchers that Anirudh will be back in the next episode and everything will be revealed in front of Bondita.

As per the latest promo videos, when Anirudh was drowned in a river, an old age man caught him and he was unconscious but when he will wake up. He will shout the name of his wife, Bondita. He will try to go to his family but the man will say that he can’t go right now because his condition is not well and therefore, he can’t go anywhere. He remembers that what happened to him and the old age man told everything to her.

Bondita will pray in front of Durga Maa and asks for the reality to reveal in front of her. Now, everyone is excited to watch the re-entry of Anirudh who is coming back in the latest episodes. Along with this, Battuk’s reality will also come in front of Bondita and Malika also want this because she can’t see Battuk with Bondita. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode.


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