Hey watchers, are you excited to know what will happen in the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu? Everyone is excited to know that what will be seen inside the latest episode. Well, the excitement among the viewers is praised because Anirudh has come back who will be seen in the upcoming episode and as soon as possible, fans want to see him with Bondita.

Barrister Babu 2nd November 2021 Episode

Currently, the serial is on its hype because of Battuk and Malika who are playing a big game with Bondita. Let us tell you that everything is about to reveal in front of Bondita but it will take some time because she doesn’t know the reality yet.

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So, in the upcoming episode, we will get to see that how Malika will play a game against Battuk because she wants that Bondita get to know the reality of Battuk and she doesn’t want to bring her name between this.

Malika sends a parcel with the name of Battuk and the parcel receives by the post office and Bondita receives a call from the post office that there is a parcel of Battuk. They ask Bondita to take away from here. Bondita thinks that what’s going on because Battuk is not here and even, his parcel is received by the post office.

Bondita tells everything to Battuk and Trilochan and after hearing this, they both get shocked. They say that this home is Battuk’s as well. Trilochan says that he will go and bring the parcel. But, Malika wants that Bondita brings the parcel instead of Trilochan. She goes to Bondita and asks her to call her mother here.

If she will come here so, she could help her because she is pregnant. Malika asks her that write a letter and when she will go post office so, take the parcel from there as well. Bondita gets ready.

Bondita asks for the parcel and asks for the parcel but the man asks for an identity card but she doesn’t have to show it. Suddenly, Battuk also reaches there to take the parcel and when he sees that Bondita is coming back as she forgot her bag there, he takes the parcel without taking the receipt.

The man asks Bondita that Battuk Babu left the receipt here and if she is his Bodi so, she can give her. Bondita gets shocked after learning that if Battuk is here so, why is he not going to their house?

He asks the rickshaw’s man that where did he go and asks him to follow. Suddenly, Bondita falls down from a rickshaw and Battuk sees her. Battuk removes his getup and takes her to the house. He shouts at her by saying that why did she go outside the house. Bondita says that she had urgent work.

She says that everyone is busy for asking why did she go outside but no one wants to know that where is Battuk and if he is here so, why he is not coming to haveli? So, the upcoming episode will reveal many hidden secrets. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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