Barrister Babu serial is on its high and everyone is excited for the next step of Bondita where she got to know the reality of Chandrachur as Tapur has revealed everything in front of Bondita and then, Tapur told her everything that Chandrachur had wrong intentions over him and at night when she came into Bondita’s home, she found Chandrachur there and who slapped her and warned her that he will not let her tell anything to anyone.

barrister babu 29th september 2021

Later, Tapur said to her that Chandrachur was trying to rape me but suddenly, Anirudh reached there and saved my life from him. Anirudh went to jail just because of me, to save me from this world.

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Along with this, Tapur also said that Anirudh is silent because of her and he will not say anything. Suddenly, Thakuma came there and said to Bondita that she knew everything and to save her daughter’s life, she did not say anything in front of everyone and hide this reality.

Thakuma requested to her that don’t bring Tapur to court and ask her to tell everything to the judge. Thakuma tells her reason that if she will tell reality in front of everyone so, her life will spoil because Chandrachur also tried to rape her and no one will understand and she can’t be married in her future.

On the other side, Bondita met Anirudh and told him everything that she is lucky, she got a husband like you. She fills her headline with Sindoor and says to him that she will get rid of this jail. Later, Bondita met to judge, and on the other side, Subodh Chatterjee sees her and says to his assistant that he came here with a married woman get up and she is talking with the judge with a happy face but she doesn’t know that what will happen soon?

Later, Bondita comes outside the room of the judge and Subodh again stops her and blocks her way to taunt her. He starts to taunt her and Bondita gives him a hard reply so, he couldn’t say anything.

When Bondita meets Anirudh in the jail and they both talk about Tapur who hides everything. Anirudh says that she is weak and can’t tolerate the taunts of this society. Bondita says that yes she is weak but we can’t let her weak for a lifetime and she will have to become a new Tapur.

Anirudh says that she can’t become like a Bondita and she says that now, Bondita will take birth in everyone’s house. Bondita says to him that she will make her understand to confess the reality in front of everyone without fear. The Episode Ends.


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