The latest episode of Barrister Babu starts when Bondita gets shocked after listening from Battuk that he doesn’t want to see her as a Barrister in this house and therefore, she will have to drop out of her studies right now. Along with this, she gets shocked and she replies to him by saying that as far as her question, Anirudh can’t say such words to her and therefore, her doubt related to his identity has been clear that he is a con in the form of Anirudh. Battuk gets shocked and thinks that he is going to be exposed in front of everyone because Bondita is claiming now.

Barrister Babu, Latest Episode 29th October 2021

In the upcoming episode of the serial, we will get to see that how Bondita will get to know the reality behind this. When Battuk pickups the call from the telephone exchange where the callers ask him about Barrister Bondita. On the other side, the call connects with another telephone in the house which she receives at the same time. When Bondita pickups a call, she hears everything that Battuk says that she doesn’t live with them, and if they want to contact her so, they will have to find her. At the same time, he doesn’t know that Bondita is listening to everything and during his conversation, he reveals many things on the call that makes give her trauma.

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Later, Bondita goes to Anirudh to clear out everything from him and meet to him. Bondita finds that he is throwing her awards. After seeing this, Bondita alleges at him by saying that Anirudh can’t do this so, without any kind of problems, he will have to reveal his real identity in front of her otherwise, she will lose her temper. Battuk says that he doesn’t want to see her as a Barrister because she is going to be a mother and therefore, she can’t do outside work and it will affect their baby. Therefore, he has decided that she will not go outside and will not continue her studies for Barrister.

At the same moment, Anirudh says that he has done his all promises and now, he wants to see her as a perfect housewife in this house, who always keeps her life in the four walls of this house. Suddenly, Bondita says that he has been motivating her to become a successful barrister for everyone since childhood.

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So, what happened now? Suddenly, Battuk goes angry and says that she should not forget her limit and still, she is a female and some restrictions still exist for her life. But, Bondita couldn’t understand anything because Anirudh’s behavior is different from before. The Episode Ends.


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