The latest episode of Barrister Babu starts when Batuk says to his girlfriend, Malika that doesn’t tell anything to anyone and says everybody thinks that I look like Battuk from behind. He says that he is Anirudh and Bondita is his better half. Bondita gets confused and says that if Malika is here so, Batuk may also be here.

Barrister Babu 27th October 2021

Suddenly, Anirudh says that Battuk went in get-away someplace. Malika is about to tell something but suddenly, Trilochan interrupts her. Bondita says that Malika is a companion of Battuk and therefore, we should invite her to our house and take Maliks with them. Trilochan asks Battuk to finish this issue as soon as possible.

Well, this is unclear that Bondita will get to know the reality behind this or it will be unsafe for her child and herself as well. Later, Bondita asks Malika that since when she does know Battuk? She says that she know him for the last three years and she caught Battuk in her adoration.

After some time, Malika asks Battuk that what was going on the ground? Battuk tells her everything that Anirudh passing on and Bondita is pregnant and he is doing this for her child. Malika thinks that what is his benefit in this if he is going this because Battuk never does anything for another person?

Battuk says that he doesn’t need to explain anything to her and asks her to leave from here. Malika says that it is completely impossible because she can’t leave him alone with another girl’s better half. But Battuk asks her to go back to Delhi. Malika warns him by saying that if he will force her to go back to Delhi, she will reveal all the reality in front of Bondita.

Later, Battuk says that he trusts and also loves her. He will let her stay here and due to this, she will have to stay quiet about the reality behind this. After some time, Malika is about to eat Kheer but Battuk takes a bowl from her hand and gives to Bondita. Sampoorna says that doesn’t mind in light of the fact because Anirudh has been advised to eat in a silver bowl. Malika says that she feels grudging While Anirudh dealing with Bondita.

Bondita says that she needs to think about Battuk because he is not here yet. Malika says that because of this, she is inspired by Batuk’s companion. Bondita says that they were good friends in childhood and they used to have lots of fun. She wants to pull Battuk’s ear.

Bondita says to her that she can help her to bring back Battuk to her. Malika says that Battuk is here like always. Bondita gets shocked and Battuk gets worried that Malika will reveal everything. Malika says that he is here just in her heart. The Episode Ends.


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