In the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu, the watchers will get to see that Bondita will start lying to the spy as she says that she came here to keep her eyes on Anirudh. She wants to know that what is the planning for the competition. Bondita tells him that she wants to do something special and surprising for Chandrachur so, the spy should also help her in this. Later, Spy apologizes to Bondita and says that he will not expose her. Just in a few minutes, she hides again and on the other side, Anirudh starts finding the earning of Sampurna and then decided to come back to interrogate something.

Barrister Babu 20th July 2021 Written Update


Later, Spy says that he is just going outside from the birthday of Saswati. Anirudh puts a gun at him and he says everything. He says that Spy doesn’t leave anyone and always stays under their surveillance. Anirudh comes inside his room and gets surprised after seeing that there is all dark inside his room. Bondita asks him to light the candles. She says that if he will light up the candles so, she can wear the robe of barrister and also ask him to wear it too. Bondita says that she will click a picture of both of them in a robe. Suddenly, Anirudh reminds the childhood of Bondita and gets furious about it. He says that now you are crossing her line. Bondita tries to force him to reveal his feelings but she failed and is unable to understand his words.

Bondita thinks that maybe, Anirudh will not show his feelings and suddenly, Anirudh is about to leave but a candle falls down by him and fire catches the robe. Anirudh tries to extinguishes and burnt his hand. Bondita says that why did you take a risk of your life as this robe is cheap. Anirudh says that you can’t understand the value of this coat and remembers Bondita’s childhood as she talked about the barrister coat.

Later, Anirudh tries to hide his emotions and locks Bondita inside the room and says that she will be locked here until her last day inside the house. Bondita gets upset and thinks that how can she take the feelings of Anirudh and how will he bring himself as a real Anirudh. Sampurna tells Anirudh to free her and later, she came out but Bondita looks upset.

On the other side, Trilochan asks Anirudh about Vaijayanthi because it’s her last day but Anirudh stays quiet and he asks him that did you scold her again. Sampurna tells him that Anirudh locked her in the room and Trilochan gets angry at him and says that Vaijayanthi’s father is his good friend and how can you treat her like this, she is a guest here. Trilochan gives orders to open the gate and free Bondita. Later, Anirudh opens the gate but sees Bondita looks embarrassing after coming out of the room.

Anirudh sees a container and is about to touch but Bondita stops her and says that it is dirty. She says that there is urine inside it because she couldn’t control herself as she was locked inside the room for seven hours. She also says that people will laugh at her if she will go like this. Anirudh reminds the childhood of Bondita as she always delighted.

Suddenly, Trilochan and Sampurna hear the laughing of Anirudh and says that after a very long and maybe eight years, they heard the laughing voice of Anirudh and it happened because of Vaijayanthi. He claims her right and says that Vaijayanthi is a perfect choice for Anirudh. Maybe, Anirudh should marry her. On the other side, Anirudh stops and asks sorry her. He says that he will send someone so she can get help from him/her. Bondita sees the happy face of Anirudh and gets happy. The episode ends here.


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