The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu will be too amazing because it will come with some latest twist and the episode will start when Tupur comes to Bondita and Bondita replies that she will save her from Bahi Vivaah because it is wrong. I will not let happen wrong with you and Tupur scolds her and goes from there. She says that she will not let happen wrong with her and Anirudh says to her that we will do more hard work to win the Sword Fight Competition. Another man says that we will win this and no will need to worry. On the other side, Bondita thinks that what will she do to make Anirudh to confess his feelings.

barrister babu 24th july 2021 written update

She reminds that Anirudh used to play the piano and suddenly, she starts to play and Anirudh says that it is good but you are disturbing me. He comes to her and Bondita says that she like to play the Piano. Anirudh corrects her and replies that it is not a good tune.

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It is increasing my headache so, please get up because you don’t know how to play. Bondita says even you can not play this. She says that she likes to take it home but Anirudh refuses to take it home because it’s too costly but he says that he can give her money to purchase this.

Suddenly, Trilochan comes and says that it’s not about money and if she wants, it has been kept there for more than 8 years and Bondita says I will bring it with me. Anirudh says that you can not take it with you. Bondita says ok but you have to prove that you can play it. She asks Trilochan to take it if he will not play this. Anirudh plays the piano and Bondita smiles. Many kids come to him and Anirudh cries happily after thinking about Bondita. Anirudh cries and goes to his room.

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Bondita comes to his room and asks him that is he crying? Anirudh replies that he was not but Bondita says you are lying because I saw your tears on Piano and do you think only girls cry, boys have also feeling and they can also cry.

He asks her to be quiet. She sings a song for him but Anirudh opens the gate and asks him to leave and also scolds. He says her to not come in Haveli again from Tomorrow. It will be your last class. She cries and goes from there.

In the morning, Bondita comes to Anirudh and says that you are my Guru and I want to give you Guru Dakshina. I literally want to do something for you. She says that she has arranged all the books according to all the alphabet.

He thinks about Bondita. She tells him that she took the help of Shashwati. Now, the upcoming episode will be seen with more twists where Bondita will cry again for her and his feelings.


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