We are back with the latest written episode of Barrister Babu and the episode starts when Tapur tries to stop Somnath to say him something. She asks him that is he going hospital? Somnath says that Yes, he has to see a patient. Tapur gives him a letter and says that there is something written for him which she can’t say him. Somnath says that he will see it later.

Barrister Babu 22nd October 2021

He takes a letter from her and goes from there. On the other side, Bondita gets shocked after seeing so many dishes on the table. Sampoorna says that her husband knows everything about her taste and what she wants to eat. Bonita says that she will eat Samosa and then, she will have kachori. Later, Bondita decides to eat Puchka.

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Tapur says that today, Anirudh Jamai Babu will feed Bondita with his own hand. Bondita thinks that which fragrance Anirudh used and she wants to go upside from his fragrance. She eats Laddoo and every smiles. Suddenly, Bondita vomits on Battuk shoes and he says that is she mad, what did you do? He says that she is a kid, if she is feeling to vomit, she should go to the bathroom and vomit, don’t close to him, first take a bath and then come. Bondita reminds that how Anirudh cleans wet sheets on the bed.

Trilochan goes to Batuk and he asks him to come outside. Battuk says that she is mad, she vomited on her and I have to throw my jeans and shoes now. Trilochan says that he did wrong with her as she is pregnant.

Trilochan says she will vomit, Batuk says on me. Trilochan says that he is Anirudh now. Battuk says that he can’t tolerate anything and is also, vomiting on me. He says that it is feeling like I am out of the dustbin.

Trilochan says that before becoming Anirudh, he should think that when Bondita was a child, he cleans her bed. If he was alive, he will take her vomiting in his hand. Battuk says that he is not alive and he died while saving her.

On the other side, Somnath read the letter that reads,” I want to keep Shiv’s idol with Durga Maa’s idol in the temple, If you accept this condition, then give an orange flower and I will understand that its your eyes. He smiles and gives the orange flower to her. She smiles.

Later, Bondita comes inside the room and she sees some notes with written sorry on them. Battuk comes with flowers and says sorry to her. Bondita says that does he think that she can live without seeing his face, no, she doesn’t need to do all these things. I have forgiven you.

He says thanks and stops him. She asks him that he is fine? He says yes. Now, the episode will come with lots of twists and turn because Batuk has changed the letter in which the reality was written. Will it come out later and create a big mess between them. Stay tuned with us for more details.


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