The previous episode of Barrister Babu showed unexpected things of the serial as the show is on its hype because of the criminal act of Chandrachur and by chance, Anirudh shot him dead. In the last episode, we saw that Bondita imagined Anirudh in his room and spent a memorable time with him. On the other side, Anirudh was in jail and remembered that how he was preparing for his night with Bondita and Sampoorna asked him that why he is preparing this and he said that it is a love for her.

barrister babu 21st september 2021

While Anirudh was seen in the court in front of a judge and everyone got to know the judge has announced his declaration and Anirudh will be hanged up.

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Later, everyone saw the dead body of Chandrachur and everyone got emotional after looking at his dead body that was covered with a white shawl. Later, Trilochan asked Thakuma to do something to save Anirudh from this trouble.

Suddenly, Tupur came to them and said that what are they trying to make understand to me. Tupur told everything to Thakuma and said that she will not follow everything. Tupur said to her that she will not accept her and the court has announced their judgment.

Tupur said that Anirudh will have to die and he will be hanged up. Tupur was sworn in front of Dugga Maa that she will not a shed Chandarchur bones till Anirudh died. Later, an unknown person came to the police station to meet Anirudh and he said that he should not come here to meet him.

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Now, the latest episode will come with the latest twists where Bondita will reach to meet Anirudh in the police station and ask him about the night. She will ask him by saying that what was happened at that night. Later, Anirudh will try to hide everything but he will confess everything in front of Bondita. Not only this but Bondita will decide to fight his case and try to save Patti Babu from this crime.

As we know that Anirudh can’t do anything wrong and maybe, Chandrachur is still alive because, in the previous episode, the face of Chandrachur was not shown and it is believed that he is still playing a game and wants to kill Anirudh.

Well, many more things are yet to reveal in the latest episode and it will be interesting to watch the next episode. So, what’s your thinking about the next episode, Bondita will help Anirudh and save him from this? Let’s wait for the next episode. Keep updates with us.


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