The latest episode of Barrister Babu started with some amazing twists and turns because the main leads of the character, Anirudh and Bondita are about to be parents but unfortunately, Anirudh is missing since he jumped in the canal to save Bondita but he did not come back. In this view, Battuk decided that he will snatch his Big D baby from Bondita after taking Anirudh to get up.

barrister babu 21st october 2021

Now, the ongoing episodes are showing that how Battuk is reacting in front of Bondita, and she is afraid because of his strange behavior. She says that she will have to reveal the truth in front of every until it’s too late.

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In the last episode of Barrister Babu, we saw that how Battuk thinks that how will he give pain to Bondita from which he is exactly going on? He wants that Bondita should bear this pain because he wants to see her in a pain. On the other side, Bondita was waiting for him because he was outside the house.

Suddenly, Trilochan came there and says that what is she doing here. Bondita replies that Pati Babu did not come yet. Trilochan says don’t wait for Anirudh, he will come back soon.

Now, the latest episode starts when Sampurna brings laddu for Bondita and she says that this is like poison for her. Tapur tells Thakuma Maa words who says that this is good for the health. Battuk gets angry over Bondita and forces her to ear this laddu. Battuk shouts at her by saying that she doesn’t care about the health of a child. Battuk says to her that the health of a child is most important for them.

After viewing the behavior of Battuk, Tapur and Sampoorna get shocked and Battuk starts laughing and says that this is a father who can do anything for his child not Anirudh because he is trying to make her understand to ear this laddu for the health of the child.

Bondita says that she will eat this laddu if he will also eat this. Battuk says that he can do everything for their child and starts eating one after another. Suddenly, Bondita stops him by saying that it is enough. Trilochan and Somnath comes there. Suddenly, Trilochan says that we should get married of Somnath and Tapur. Bondita gets shocked after hearing this and asks Anirudh that they did not even discuss this topic with her once.

Battuk says that maybe, sometimes let them do what they want and we should not interfere. Trilochan asks Somnath that is he agrees with this relationship? Somnath says that whatever will elder says, he will obey. Battuk says that he likes Tapur. Bondita says that we shouldn’t do hurry as let them know each other first. Battuk says that she should concentrate on the health of a child.

Later, Tapur says to Bondita that she want to tell everything to Somnath but she can’t say herself. Bondita suggests writing a letter for him. Tapur asks Bondita to write that she is going to tell Somnath about the most bitter reality of her life. She tells everything about the incident with Chandrachur and puts the flower to show that she was not guilty. The Episode Ends.


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