Barrister Babu has come with another episode today where Anirudh has been trapped in a case where he was also arrested by the police on a charge of murdering Chandrachur. In the last episode, we saw that Tupur shouted at him and said that he is a criminal who killed her husband and she is a widow.

barrister babu 20th september 2021

Later, police reached Roychowdhury’s haweli and Thakuma told everything that happened at that time. Anirudh accepted that he killed Chandrachur and shot at him. Anirudh did not clear what happened at the moment. Police arrested him and take to the police station. Bondita kept trying to ask him but he did not say a single word.

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When Trilochan asked that he has to hire the best lawyer in the world and Somnath came to him and said that he had chosen the best lawyer and he will hire them. Suddenly, Sampoorna came to them and said that she knows a good barrister, and she is the only Bondita who can save her husband from this.

Trilochan said that how can she because she did not fight a case before and now, it will be the hardest case for her. Sampoorna said that he doesn’t know the power of Bondita.

Sampoorna tried to converse with him and on the other side, Bondita came inside her room and saw the memories pictures that spent with Bondita. Suddenly, Tupur came inside his room and threw everything here and there. Bondita asked him to stop and she said that let her do because she is a widow and wants some relief from this.

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Now, the latest episode will show that how Bondita will save her husband from the police and will she get succeed in her plan because she wants to save Anirudh from the court order and on the other side, Trilochan will give a chance to save her husband from this.

The main point is coming out that why Anirudh is hiding all this from the police and why he is telling the truth to the police or anyone that Chandrachur tried to rape someone else. Well, it was not clearly showed in the last episode that what was happened at the moment but the rumors are claiming that Chandrachur will be back in the show soon but before that Bondita will have to save Anirudh from all this trouble.

Will Bondita get succeed to save her husband or she will lose Anirudh? Along with this, when Anirudh will get to know that Bondita will fight for his case, he will be confident about this and help her. So, let’s see what will happen next in the latest episode of Barrister Babu?


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