We are back with the latest episode of Barrister Babu and today, we are going to share the written and latest episode of today.  As we know that Anirudh has been missing since he drowned in the river to save Bondita. But unfortunately, Bondita reached to the edge of the river. Later, Trilochan and Battuk get to know that Bondita is pregnant and if Bondita will get to know that Anirudh is missing so, he can’t bear this. Battuk has decided that he will play the role of Anirudh in front of everyone and Bondita. Trilochan knows about this but Battuk has another plan. He wants to take his Big D’s child from Bondita.

Barrister Babu 20th October 2021 Episode

In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, we will see that Bondita thinks that something is strange with Anirudh and she will have to find out as soon as possible before its too late. She asks him that what’s going on because for the last few days, he is behaving weirdly which is strange and during this conversation, she says that he has promised her to give her something special whenever she will get pregnant. So now, she is going to give birth to his child and now, he will have to fulfill his promise.

After knowing this, Battuk gets confused and thinks about the promise but unfortunately, he is unaware of the life story of Anirudh and Bondita. She says that he promised to take her in his arms and make her roam in the haweli. He gets hesitant because he is not a real Anirudh and can’t take Bondita in her arms and therefore, he make some excuse and says to her that she is pregnant due to which, he can’t do this and they will have to take care of their child health as well. He goes from there and Bondita says that he is right, they can’t take any chance at this moment.

Along with this, Battuk and Trilochan organize a Sharaad Pooja because they think that Anirudh has passed away. They both cry while worshipping and at the same time, Bondita goes to Anirudh’s room and get shocked after knowing that Anirudh’s portray is not there because someone has removed it from there without telling her. She goes outside the room and tries to find his photo and soon, she reached the spot but Sampoona stops her. Sampoorna consoles her by saying that maybe someone has taken away from there to re-create.

Later, Battuk goes with his girlfriend to the party because he wants to get some important details about Tapur and Tupur and he also decided to take revenge on them. He says that whatever will happen but she will have to take revenge on them because she ruin the life of his family and she became a cause of his brother’s death. He notices that Tapur and Somnath is coming close to each other and after seeing them together, he gets angry and says that he will destroy her life as soon as possible. The Episode Ends.


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