Barrister Babu is one of the most trending and popular TV serials in recent days and fans are going excited for the upcoming episode where Bondita is trying to bring reality in front of everyone and searching for the clues that can help Anirudh to come back to his home and will prove in every way that woman Barrister can also win this case.

Barrister Babu 1st October 2021

The latest episode is showing lots of things about Bondita, Tapur, Tupur, Thakuma, and Chandrachur because Bondita is resolving the case, Tapur is hiding that before Chandrachur’s death, he tried to harass her and Anirudh saved her life. While Thakuma knew everything about this but she did not tell anyone about this. On the other side, some promo videos are showing that Chandrachur is still alive and wondering in a get-up of the priest.

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Now, the latest episode will reveal many more things about the show, and in the last episode of the show, we saw that Bondita asked Tapur to don’t reveal that they are going to court tomorrow and she will have to testify everything in front of a judge and asked her to don’t tell this to anyone.

Tapur promised to Bondita and says that she will do her best to save Anirudh Jamaibabu. In another video, we saw that Bondita will bring some ladies in the court who wore saree and hide her face in front of everyone. Well, we will also get to see that there is no one inside the court instead of Judge, Barrister Subodh, Anirudh, Bondita, Tapur, and some ladies who have hidden her face from saree.

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On the other side, the reality of Chandrachur will come in front of everyone when Chandrachur will be caught by Bondita in the temple. Before that, Bondita followed a strange person near her village or haweli and followed him. When the man reached to the temple who wore a get up of the priest and talked to himself. Bondita gets to know that he is none other than Chandrachur.

Another promo shows that how Bondita will catch Chandrachur with bare hands and bring his reality in front of everyone. Along with this, she will show him in court and prove that Anirudh is innocent because Chandrachur is alive and no one can hang his pati babu.

Now, many more things will be seen in the latest episode of the serial where Bondita will show her real face as becoming a Dugga Maa and will give punishment to Chandrachur who tried to harrased Tapur’s in the house.


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