In the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu, we will get to see some more interesting twists and turn in the life of Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh has decided to bring back Bondita to Tulsipur and he mixed something in his food and give it to Bihari and asks him to give this to Bondita. Later, when he is about to take back Bondita to Tulsipur so, he saw that Bondita is not in the car.

Barrister Babu, Latest Episode 16th August 2021

Now, the latest episode will come the latest twist because Anirudh will come back to Trilochan to find Bondita and found that Trilochan has already promised Chandrachur that he will hand over Bondita to him so, he can marry her.

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Everyone in the mandap has pointed guns at each other and Anirudh asks Trilochan that where is Bondita while Chandrachur says that you both are playing a game with me. Now, Chandrachur says that till then, Bondita comes to me, you both will stay in captivity. Chandrachur points out his gun at Anirudh and Trilochan shouts.

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On the other side, Thakuma gets to know that Trilochan did not bring Bondita, and that means, the landlords cheated again but if Trilochan has kidnapped Bondita so, why did he not bring Bondita to Mandap and it means that Bondita is in danger.

Thakuma says that don’t worry, Chandrachur is there but Somati says that she also believes in Jamai Babu Chandrachur but I am a mother of a daughter, and how I can’t worry. She can’t the burning life of Bondita in enmity and runs from there and suddenly, Thakkuma orders their servant to catch her.

On the other side, Anirudh says to Chandrachur that this time, his gun should have pointed at the man who has kidnapped Bondita. Anirudh says that he is going to find out Bondita and if he will fire, so, it will not be good. Chandrachir knows and thinks that Anirudh will find her and before him, he will have to find Bondita and become his protector.

In the other scene, Somati reaches the Bondita where Somnath also appears and they are about to give burning coal in her mouth. Somati comes but suddenly, a servant of Somnath hits her, and she falls down on the floor. Bondita screams and the servants tied her with the pillar. She cries and asks her mother to stand up but she is unconscious.

Bondita asks for leaving her and Somnath says that shout as possible because, since today, she will be voiceless and put burning coal in her mouth. She says that Somnath dada what are you doing. We spent our childhood with each other and have you remembered that called me with another name and the episode ends but what will happen next in the serial if Anirudh could save her from Somnath or Bondita will become voiceless.


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