The most prominent and fantastic television show is on the way to entertain all the people who are eager to know the further story of the show. Yes, we are talking about Barrister Babu as the show is regularly amusing millions of people by introducing many amazing episodes. The story of the show is going on very well and entertaining everyone by showing some exceptional episodes of the show. If we talk about the upcoming episode of the show then it revolves around Anirudh. So, the episode begins when Anirudh warns Bondita not to go towards the room. He warns her just because his father’s condition is not stable.

Barrister Babu Latest Episode 15th July 2021

If she goes towards his room then it will be harmful to her. After hearing this, Bondita will be shocked even also she did not expect it. But, she asks him the reason behind it. Later, Trilochan unleashes the entire secret that the rival village is responsible for all this that is going on in the house. he further says that the rival village has given him poison that causes by his unstable mental health. Then Bondita goes into shock and thinks about how many atrocities they have done to her, which is completely unjustified and for which even God will never forgive her.

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Anirudh’s anger reaches its peak by remembering all the situations that he has gone through in the past. That’s why he says that whatever happens, he will never forgive them at any cost because it is because of them that his father is suffering from this condition.

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After that Bondita takes a vow saying that whatever she has to do, she will make Binoy’s condition well again. Anirudh asks her to focus on her business as it is not her family that requires her to think so much.

Meanwhile, Anirudh reprimands her and she gets scared, due to which she cannot think of anything for Binoy. Because Anirudh keeps saying that she doesn’t need to do anything for their family as they are enough to take care of him. Now, it will be actually very enthralling to watch the upcoming episode of the show. Barrister Babu is the perfect television daily soup to watch regularly.

The show is airing on Colors TV at 8:30 PM. So, don’t forget to watch the exceptional episode of the show and stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming episodes.


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