We are back with the latest episode of Barrister Babu in which we are going to see lots of twists and turns. In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, we will see that how Bondita and Anirudh spend quality time together after the Sashwati goes from there. Anirudh gives her a compliment by putting colors on her face and Bondita thanks him for everything including providing her wings and coming into her life.

Barrister Babu 14th October 2021

Anirudh says her ” I Love You” and Bondita says I Love You Too Patti Babu to him. The moment is so special for them and suddenly, Anirudh calls Trilochan name and she scared after his name.

Later, Anirudh gets preparation for the Bondita’s speech and he goes here and there for the poster so, everyone can read and come to her place to hear her. When Anirudh passes from a hut, he hears the voice of shouting. He goes inside the hut and sees Chandrachur there who was tied with ropes.

He gets shocked after seeing him and asked about his situation. Chandrachur says Trilochan Kaka and Anirudh gets shocked. On the other side, a man calls Barrister Bondita Roychowdhury on the stage for a speech and Bondita wait for him and without her, she can’t speak her speech.

Anirudh rushed with Chandrachur to hospital and Doctor says that he lost his blood and he will not recover, he could die. Anirudh says that his blood group is B+ so, he can give him blood. In the latest promo video, we can see that someone come to the Trilochan haveli with his daughter to meet barrister who can fight for his case.

The man says that he read many things about Barrister Bondita in the newspaper and he came with hope. Trilochan says that Anirudh is also fighting for the girls as she can fight her case. But Anirudh says that No Kaka, Bondita will fight the case of the lady.

Anirudh gets happy after seeing Bondita who is ready to fight their case but Trilochan gets worried about their separation because of their profession and he thinks that he will have to take a help from Battuk. Later, when Bondita goes towards the court, the law’s family come in their way and ask Bondita to leave the court and don’t try to fight the case of her otherwise, she will have to be punish by society.

Bondita says that she doesn’t care about her but to stop a barrister in court, she can get them punished. The Episode Ends. So, let’s wait for the latest episode of Barrister Babu.


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