The latest episode of Barrister Babu is creating a huge buzz among the fans and the show has been creating a huge fan following for the last few days since Anirudh came out from jail. In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, we will get to see many interesting things. As we have seen in the last episode that how Bondita saves her husband and she was honored by the community for her bravery and courage.

barrister babu 13th october 2021

Anirudh also appreciated her for her bravery but Trilochan gets worried after thinking that everyone is greeting her not Anirudh. Trilochan said to Bihari Babu that everyone is appreciating Bondita and Anirudh is feeling troubled.

Along with this, we have also seen that how Bondita saves Anirudh’s life after trapping Chandrachur. Later, Bondita and Anirudh come to the house and do greh parwesh. When they both come to their home, Trilochan stops them and says that he is giving Anirudh a stick and now, tying both of them in a ghatbandhan. Later, Sampoorna welcomes Anirdudh and Bondita into the house.

They both come in the house and Tupur feels upset. Bondita says to her that whatever happened with her, there is no mistake of her. Tupur says No, you can forgive me but I can’t do myself. Thakuma says that Tupur, You don’t need to apologize because this is not your fault, it was a fault of my education.

Thakuma says that the education is given to Bondita by Anirudh, maybe, I should have given it to you. Sumati asks Anirudh and Bondita to live forever like this. Sumati says to Bondita that don’t forget to send her letters. Bondita asks her where she is going? Sumati says that Thkuma and I decided that when Anirudh will come back home, they both will go to Tirath. Thakuma says that until we come back, the responsibility of Tapur and Tupur is Anirudh.

Later, some people come to Anirudh’s house to honor Bondita but Trilochan thinks that Anirudh is feeling bad. Anirudh greets Bondita and says well done Barrister Bondita. She says that Anirudh is only responsible for her education. Suddenly, the phone rings, and the entry of a new character in the serial shows.

A brother of Anirudh’s Batuk is going to enter the house. Anirudh picks up the phone and says that why are you continuously calling. Battuk says that he wants to see his scary face and Roychowdhury’s family is on the target of him. Anirudh says that if he will come in front of him, let’s see, Anirudh will not burn, he will hug him in front of everyone.

Anirudh gets to know that he is none other than Batuk, who is living in Italy. Bondita sees Anirudh talking on phone and she snatch the telephone from Anirudh and asks Batuk that when he is coming back to meet her? Battuk gets angry after hearing the voice of Bondita. The Episode Ends.


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