The episode starts with Trilochan saying he has six children. Bonfire wonders that it’s been 8 years that Anirudh got married and she has 6 kids. She asks Anirudh the exact year when he married and asks him why didn’t he invited anyone. Bihari says that those kids are orphans. Anirudh says that they are not orphans, I am their father. Bonfire thinks that he is the man with the heart of Gold. She asks him why didn’t get married ever. Somnath asks who are you to ask such questions. Trilochan says that she is Vaijanti and she has come from Pritampura. Somantha says that you must have heard about Chatterjee. Trilochan asks him to stop the interrogation.

Barrister Babu, 12th July 2021

Now, the wait to watch the exceptional television show is over as the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu making the environment very awesome and precious for the audience. The ups and downs in the story are actually enhancing the craze among the fans. Along with it, the story containing many dramatic and intense moments which is increasing the worth of the show.

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From the beginning of the show, the TRP touches the top, and every episode maintaining it as it is very simple for the makers to engage millions of people to watch the show. Now, the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu again picking the top peak to excite the audience for further story.

Somnath says that this is important to do as Krishnanagar people come to spy here she belongs to Krishnanagar. Anirudh says that he is right and Bondita says I know my neighbour Chatterjee, but he doesn’t have any textile shop. Somnath says that I came to. knots.about Vaijyanti before anyone told me. Trilochan asks him to freshen up as he just reached from Hospital. She asks him what happened. He says that now he is a doctor. She says that we all are proud of you.

Anirudh says that I have respect doctors and understand me well. Sampoorna comes and talks to her daughter Shashwati. Bondita says that I and my sister used to eat raw mangoes in childhood. Bonita

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asks about her husband and says he is fine. Shashwati kisses Bondita on her cheek. She says that you are a very nice girl. She says that I am your aunt and no one can scold you. He thinks of Bondita and goes. Sampoorna takes them and shows them to the guest room. Bonita checks Anirudh’s study room. She sees the family pictures around the wall.

Shashwati shows the temple and prays. She says that I have come with a motive this time. She says that I want my Anirudh back, then we will end this enmity. Please bless me and give me strength. Anirudh stops her not to talk nonsense. Anirudh says that I want girls to take equal education like boys. Anirudh asks her to come to study so he will teach her.

He goes and Trilochan asks Bihari to send Vaijanti to Anirudh’s study. Bondita comes to Anirudh and asks her to study well. She says that I am not in a hurry which made him angry. She says that don’t get angry, I will study with time. He teaches her Varanmala and goes to sit beside him. She says that we need to study well. She thinks if I write it, then he will come to know that.

She ties her hair and says it’s easy to understand. She says that this is difficult for me to write the same way writing alphabets. She says if I don’t learn writing, then how will I get married. He holds her hands and makes her write. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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