We are back with the fabulous and interesting episode of Barrister Babu. We have been watching this show since it was started and till now, the show has gained massive attention and everyone wants to watch every single episode of the ongoing serial. In the last few days.

barrister babu 11th november 2021

The twists and turns have taken place inside the serial because since it is known that Anirudh is alive but he can’t speak and walk because he is paralyzed, the excitement among fans has been also increased which is an interesting thing of the show. Now, each and every latest episode comes with some twists.

Anupama Today’s Episode 11th November 2021 Full Written Update, Anuj’s Love For Anupama

The makers have released the promo videos of the upcoming episode and in this article, we will update you with today’s November 11, 2021 episode. Are you excited to know the upcoming episode of the serial so, let start? So, as per the promo videos, when Bondita goes outside the haweli and says to Trilochan Kaka that she is going to leave this haweli because she just wants to keep safe to her child from Battuk.

Trilochan says that he did a mistake as he was provoked by Battuk but now, he is with her and will not happen anything wrong with her and the baby. Sampoorna comes there and they talk about this but suddenly, Bondita feels pain and screams.

Sampoorna says that maybe, Bondita is feelings labor pain and we will have to rush her to the hospital. Trilochan and Sampoorna hold her and move towards the car to rush for the hospital. Well suddenly, Battuk comes there and Trilochan gets angry over him by saying that he doesn’t want to see his face and go from there. Battuk says that the story of this baby was started with him so, it will also continue with him. He says that we don’t need to waste our time and asks them to rush towards the hospital.

Trilochan says he doesn’t want to go with him and they can go but Battuk insist and try to make them confused by saying that he will have to come for the child and they all go to hospital with Bondita. In the hospital, everyone gets to know that Bondita is about to bless with twins, a daughter, and a son.

Battuk makes a plan against everyone and says to Trilochan that they will have to rush to the RC haweli as the fire took place inside the haweli. Trilochan and Sampoorna rushes to the house and on the other side, Bondita blesses with twin babies.

By taking a chance, Battuk takes both babies in his hand and goes towards haweli. He locks the gate of haweli from outside with a heavy lock and says that he will not give this child to anyone. He says that he will bring them to Italy and they will live with him. Suddenly, Bondita rushes there and sees there is a lock outside the room. On the other side, Anirudh reaches Tulsipur after viewing the photo of Bondita in the newspaper and he gets to know that he was a resident of Tulsipur. The Episode Ends.


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