One of the most loving serials of ColorsTV, Barrister Babu has shown some of the best real moments of the previous generation. The show began with a low TRP but as time passes, the show gained the massive attention of the audience and now, the serial showed some amazing concepts where a girl from a small village fights against the entire society alone for the rights of girls education and widow’s life.

Barrister Babu 13th November 2021

Barrister Bondita Roychoudhary taught several things to the watchers through her acting and talent. Viewers got to see lots of things and learned various realities of societies which also takes place at this generation as well.

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She fought against the entire society against the rights of women and for showing this to the world, she became Barrister Bondita. While her husband, Anirudh Roychoudhary always stood with him and also supported her in every situation. It was the most amazing moment in the show when Anirudh also stood alongside her wife to support her at every right thing.

He was the only men in his village who thinks that Bondita is right as girls also gets rights for her life after marriage as well. In the last few episodes, we also show that how Bondita is living with Battuk without knowing that he is not Anirudh but later, she found that he was an imposter who is playing the role of Anirudh and living with her.

In the previous episode, we saw that how Battuk occupied Bondita’s twin children and wanted to take them to Italy. He just want to take his Big D’s child from Bondita and in front of this, he did not see anything right or wrong. He had a negative attitude toward Bondita. Well, when Bondita got to know that Battuk has taken her child to her home, she ran towards haweli and saw Battuk with her child in a room.

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Later, Battuk tries to trap Bondita in a circle of fire but suddenly, Anirudh reached there and saves her. Then, they broke the gate to take out their children from Battuk. When they went inside the house, they found their child and smiles.

Battuk came there and Anirudh slapped him and asked him to leave the house. We like to inform our readers that it was the last episode of the serial because the makers end the show with some emotional moments.

We also saw that Bondita and Anirudh went to the statue of Dugga Maa for blessings and decided that their babies will become Barrister and fight against the rights of women. Well, the makers ended the show with some emotional moments and covered the show with a happy ending.

So, the next season of the show will begin shortly but the announcement regarding to the next season has not been made yet. When it will be available, we will share it with our readers here. Stay tuned for more updates.


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