We are back with the latest written episode of Barrister Babu in which the plan of saving Anirudh is on the way and Bondita is paying her all efforts to save her pati babu from these allegations and try to bring him back to his house. In the last episode of Barrister Babu, we saw that how Bondita tied Chandrachur and brought him to the police but because of a moment in which Trilochan and Thakuma were transporting Anirudh to his jeep.

Barrister Babu, Full Episode 9th October 2021 Episode

Bondita saw everything and she made them understand that they are going wrong with him because if he will go to Italy so, the allegation on him will never finish and he will have to live like a thief or a criminal.

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Later, Bondita made him wake up and says to Anirudh that they are sending him to Italy. Anirudh got nervous after hearing this and he got to know that how can they do such a crime. He will not go anywhere and later, Bondita revealed that she has found the main proof of this case as she revealed in front of Trilochan, Thakuma, and Anirudh that Chandrachur is still alive and he is in the car. But when she came to her jeep, she found that Anirudh has run away from there and she got shocked.

Later, Chandrachur met her in the club, and through a note, he asked to wear a black saree which is put in a box. She wore the saree and Chandrachur came into a dress of waiter of the club. Along with him, his servants and people came with him and he warns to her that if she will do any kind of wrong thing with him, don’t forget that his servants are also present in this club and she can’t get out from this.

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Chandrachur put a deal in front of her by saying that if she wants to save Anirudh from the trap so, she will have to accept the deal. Bondita asks about the deal and Chandrachur says that she will have to go Dhakka with him for lifetime. Bondita gets furious and thinks about this, she thinks that she will have to save Anirudh from all of this and she gets ready to go with him.

Well, the promo video has been released of the latest episode in which we get to see new members in the Roychowdhury haveli whose name is Battuk who looks exactly like Anirudh. Maybe, he is a little brother of Anirudh but the promo video also shows that Battuk is coming to cut all the feathers of Bondita. Well, it is noticeable to think that why he is thinking for Bondita and who is he? To get more about the episode, stay tuned with us.


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