We are back with the upcoming episode of one of the most entertaining serials of recent time, Barrister Babu as of September 8. It will be interesting to watch the next episode because Bondita has come back to her village and Anirudh had to left Bondita for his sister, Sashwati. While we have seen that Trilochan asked Anirudh that he will have to choose Bondita and the entire women of the village.

barrister babu 8th september 2021

Anirudh had to choose his principles. But, he says that he challenged that no one can stop him by meeting Bondita. He says that he will have to go back to Krishna Nagar without telling anyone and he knows that Trilochan is keeping his eyes on him every time.

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We have also seen that Trilochan warned him by saying that he will do this then, he will organize a function of child marriage in which Sashwati marriage will take place with someone. Now, the upcoming episode will show that Anirudh reached to Tulsipur to meet Bondita and he reaches her room’s door and Bondita gets happy after seeing her.

Both look at each other and their eyes are locked. Anirudh says to her that what did he do last night was not appropriate but he had to go because Kaka was organizing Sashwati’s child marriage and he had to save her therefore, he left her in mandap alone and went to Tulsipur back. While Bondita says that they can’t run away this time because they will have to prove that they are right and has to use their love as a weapon.

And this can just help us to destroy the enmity between Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur. After hearing all this from her, he touched her feet but Bondita stops her by saying that why is he doing this? Anirudh says that she is his teacher and teaching him everything.

During this, Anirudh appreciates her by saying that they have plans to finish the enmity of the villages. So, because of their love, they will spread love among villagers and also, some peace. So, they will start a new life with love and finish the enmity between both villages.

On the other side, we have seen that Sumati slaps Bondita and blamed at her that she is ruining her respect. But, Bondita says that she did not do anything wrong because she loves Anirudh. On the other side, Tupur is also worried because she was the only one who helped Bondita to ran away with Anirudh.

So, she requests her to not to say her name because Chandrachur will kill her and therefore, Bondita don’t take her name and she gets saved. Now, the upcoming episode will bring many more things because Anidita will use their love to finish the enmity. Keep watching and stay tuned with us for more updates.


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